Sylvia Loven Carter

Rookie [Smoked Meat] (June 13,1963 / Dallas, Texas)

Sylvia Loven Carter Poems

1. The Man 5/3/2011
2. I Will Fear No Evil 5/4/2011
3. When I'M Gone............ 5/6/2011
4. Mother's Continue... 5/8/2011
5. Happy Being You 5/9/2011
6. He 5/10/2011
7. He Loves Me 5/11/2011
8. Human Race 5/12/2011
9. I Remember T.M.S 5/13/2011
10. Knew 5/17/2011
11. Like He Can 5/18/2011
12. May 6,2003 5/18/2011
13. Heart Breaking Woman 5/18/2011
14. No Clue Of What I'M Doing 5/19/2011
15. Random Thoughts.......It Can Happen In The Movies..... 5/19/2011
16. No Longer Mine 10-6-05 5/21/2011
17. Opportunity Discontinued 'You Know Who You Are' 5/22/2011
18. April 10,2003 5/16/2011
19. Poem From Dh 5/16/2011
20. Evinces 5/16/2011
21. Dh Poem Cont..................... 5/16/2011
22. It's A Privilege 5/16/2011
23. The Announcement 5/24/2011
24. It's Automatic 5/25/2011
25. What My Mother Said 5/27/2011
26. What Condition? 5/26/2011
27. If I Could 5/31/2011
28. Do You? 5/30/2011
29. What Is The Name Of That Bird? 6/6/2011
30. You Knew 6/6/2011
31. The Gimmick 6/6/2011
32. From Me To You 6/6/2011
33. All In One Place 6/13/2011
34. Lying.Sneaking.Cheating.Game 6/15/2011
35. Life Is Short..... 7/10/2011
36. Stupidity... 7/20/2011
37. He Doesn'T 7/30/2011
38. Marriage 7/30/2011
39. Are So You Thought... 8/4/2011
40. Someday Soon...... 9/4/2011
Best Poem of Sylvia Loven Carter

A Woman In Love

She has
given a lot of herself
to please you

She is a woman in Love,
pleasing you used to give her

what YOU of asked of her she'd do
she Loved you, with no questions asked

She's a woman in Love
why didn't you ever show her
any appreciations?
you chose
not to ever say
thank you honey

She's a woman in Love

Guess what has happened,
some days ago and it took her a long time to make the step she met a MAN
he giving and doing all
the things you
refused to do

She's a woman in Love
a woman will sometimes ...

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The men I've seen on public transportation back in the day...
He has beautiful skin he's searching for something from any woman..
you can see he's a that Man takes care of himself and willing to go to a job everyday. Right now any woman's attention he can get he'll take he's searching

Wait not sure if he just made eye contact with her is she the one? searching wondering will we stick together searching or is this a game that people enjoy playing for their own reasons. So many to choose from

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