T (no first name) Wignesan

T (no first name) Wignesan Poems

521. Villanelle: Ask Not Why, How, Where Nor What We'Ve Become 12/1/2013
522. Villanelle: Bequeath Not An Image Which Isn'T Wholly Your Own 11/17/2014
523. Villanelle: Brand Not A Nation As Satan's Igloo 11/21/2013
524. Villanelle: Cowered Crushed Cramped In The Pit Of Our Stomachs 12/3/2014
525. Villanelle: Dare You Stain The Portals Of Your Deity's Sacrosanct Citadel 12/9/2014
526. Villanelle: Even Childhood Teenage Nurture Stops Not The Rupture 11/27/2014
527. Villanelle: Everyone's Life Is Really One And The Same Role 12/14/2014
528. Villanelle: Everything's Just Much Too Much And Fudge Far Too Far 11/15/2014
529. Villanelle: For One Life Lived Through Mistakes How Many Defy Death 11/30/2014
530. Villanelle: Hope Not Hope Against The Landing Of The Craft Mh370 3/23/2014
531. Villanelle: If You Knew What The Rest In Silence Think 5/1/2014
532. Villanelle: If You Scoff At The World We Live In 6/29/2013
533. Villanelle: Is There Shame Worse Than That To Be Caught Dead Unknown 1/3/2015
534. Villanelle: Live With The Borrowed Lives Made By Your Own Mistakes 12/2/2014
535. Villanelle: Lodged In Our Cockles Aladdin Lamps Hum 3/25/2013
536. Villanelle: Martin-Pecheur, The Fisher King 7/6/2013
537. Villanelle: Nations Barely Survive The Turbulence Of International Events 12/31/2014
538. Villanelle: No Curse Worse Than The Place And Name You Inherit To Hate 12/24/2014
539. Villanelle: Nothing So Upturns Creative Cauldrons As Retching Up Art 12/21/2014
540. Villanelle: O! What A Wonderful World This Sordid Life Could Verily Be 12/16/2014
541. Villanelle: One Or The Other Has To Give In A Tug Of War 1/9/2015
542. Villanelle: Only In Democracies Reigns Surprise 1/8/2014
543. Villanelle: Oscar Victorius 2/23/2013
544. Villanelle: Strike! And You Sign Your Own Death Warrant! 9/6/2013
545. Villanelle: Stringent Laws Only Serve To Constrict Our Hearts To Hate 12/6/2014
546. Villanelle: Talk Not Of The Birth Of Planets Around Distant Stars 11/13/2014
547. Villanelle: The Fall From Grace Is The Shame Borne As Lost Face 12/4/2014
548. Villanelle: The Lesson Cannot Just Be One Life's Lost 7/15/2013
549. Villanelle: The Only Game Solution To The Human Condition 12/13/2014
550. Villanelle: The Poietics Of Being 7/9/2013
551. Villanelle: There Are More Poets Than There Are Poems 8/29/2013
552. Villanelle: Think Of The Trillions Who Have Gone Away Unsung Before Us 1/14/2015
553. Villanelle: To What Great Good Singular Individuals Sacrificed Their Lives 1/2/2015
554. Villanelle: Trust No One Even Wife/Husband With Personal Secrets 11/23/2014
555. Villanelle: Wander Not Into A Land Where The Indigene's Indolent 12/25/2014
556. Villanelle: When Countries Slaughter Maim Who Brands That Homicide 12/27/2014
557. Villanelle: Who's Not Racist, Do Stand Not Up, Please 7/17/2013
558. Villanelle: Whose Voice Does The Non-Native English Poet Verily Hear 12/23/2014
559. Villanelle: Whosoever's Inveigled By The General Theory Of Good In Evil 12/30/2014
560. Waiting For The Government... 11/10/2013
Best Poem of T (no first name) Wignesan

Nevermore, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Sonnet: Nevermore

(In this translation of Paul Verlaine’s « Nevermore », I must say I felt inveigled into adhering to the fixed form by making some unnecessary allowances just in order to respect the rime scheme. It would have been better if I had abandoned the effort at laboriously keeping to the original’s end-rimes. T. Wignesan)

Souvenirs, souvenirs, what do you want of me? Autumn
Invites the thrush to fly through the air lifeless sans tone,
And the sun beats its rays down: relentless monotone
Over the yellowing wood where claps the North wind’s thunder tone.

We were walking all by ...

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I am the prize catch
I live in an artificial lake
fed by a nappe phréatique
I was put there to keep
lesser fish: carp
from taking up too much space
I live to be caught
and caught again
and be let loose as rain

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