Treasure Island

T (no first name) Wignesan

Poems of T (no first name) Wignesan

321. Limericks Crochetés: Once A Bar Student In The Fifties 4/25/2014
322. Limericks Crochetés: Once A French Goncourt Telecast Live 3/2/2014
323. Limericks Crochetés: Once A Policewoman Put On Road Duty 3/19/2014
324. Limericks Crochetés: Once On Outlaw Wished To Abide By The Law 3/16/2014
325. Limericks Crochtés: Once French Socialist Met Brit Counterpart 4/18/2014
326. Limericks Croises: Once A Mother Professor And Daughter 6/27/2013
327. Limericks Croises: Once A Rigolo Tennisman Won Wimbledon 7/14/2013
328. Limericks Croises: Once Boxer Met A Poodle In Broad Street 8/3/2013
329. Limericks Croises: Once Meat-Eater Met A Veg-Eater 7/29/2013
330. Little Clock 7/12/2012
331. London, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Poem: Londres 9/28/2013
332. Maquillage Civilization 7/27/2013
333. Marble Breasts, Translation Of Etiemble's Les Seins De Marbre by T. Wignesan 4/13/2014
334. Master Valluvan, The Long-Misunderstood Tamil Mentor 7/13/2012
335. MEMO For Destroyer Poet A LINDA: 3 20 pm 23rd April 2013 Paris France 4/24/2013
336. Metaphor Of Outrage, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Metafora Del Desafuero 10/30/2013
337. Na Tian Piet's Sha'er Of The Late Sultan Abu Bakar Of Johor 9/24/2012
338. Nevermore, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Sonnet: Nevermore 9/5/2013
339. Night in the Eyes, Invading 7/13/2012
340. Nightmare, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Cauchemar 9/7/2013
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