T (no first name) Wignesan

T (no first name) Wignesan Poems

561. Villanelle: O! What A Wonderful World This Sordid Life Could Verily Be 12/16/2014
562. Villanelle: One Or The Other Has To Give In A Tug Of War 1/9/2015
563. Villanelle: Only In Democracies Reigns Surprise 1/8/2014
564. Villanelle: Oscar Victorius 2/23/2013
565. Villanelle: Should Not Masters Be They Who Cut Through Lands 9/17/2015
566. Villanelle: Strike! And You Sign Your Own Death Warrant! 9/6/2013
567. Villanelle: Stringent Laws Only Serve To Constrict Our Hearts To Hate 12/6/2014
568. Villanelle: Talk Not Of The Birth Of Planets Around Distant Stars 11/13/2014
569. Villanelle: Teach Not A Dog How Not To Bark 8/20/2015
570. Villanelle: The Fall From Grace Is The Shame Borne As Lost Face 12/4/2014
571. Villanelle: The Lesson Cannot Just Be One Life's Lost 7/15/2013
572. Villanelle: The Only Game Solution To The Human Condition 12/13/2014
573. Villanelle: The Poietics Of Being 7/9/2013
574. Villanelle: There Are More Poets Than There Are Poems 8/29/2013
575. Villanelle: Think Of The Trillions Who Have Gone Away Unsung Before Us 1/14/2015
576. Villanelle: To What Great Good Singular Individuals Sacrificed Their Lives 1/2/2015
577. Villanelle: Trust No One Even Wife/Husband With Personal Secrets 11/23/2014
578. Villanelle: Wander Not Into A Land Where The Indigene's Indolent 12/25/2014
579. Villanelle: What Do You Do If The Culprit's The Country -new- 10/2/2015
580. Villanelle: When Countries Slaughter Maim Who Brands That Homicide 12/27/2014
581. Villanelle: Who Would Put Us In This Blue-Green Hot-Cold Earth -new- 10/4/2015
582. Villanelle: Who Would Put Us On This Blue-Green Hot-Cold Earth -new- 10/4/2015
583. Villanelle: Who's Not Racist, Do Stand Not Up, Please 7/17/2013
584. Villanelle: Whose Condition Is The Worst Everyone Asks -new- 9/28/2015
585. Villanelle: Whose Voice Does The Non-Native English Poet Verily Hear 12/23/2014
586. Villanelle: Whosoever's Inveigled By The General Theory Of Good In Evil 12/30/2014
587. Waiting For The Government... 11/10/2013
588. Wake! Asia! Wake! (Part One) 7/13/2012
589. Wake! Asia! Wake! (Part Two) 7/13/2012
590. Way Out Over Copland's Appalachian Springs 7/11/2012
591. What Head Of Hero That Did Not Roll 7/13/2012
592. What Time Are We Living In 12/1/2012
593. What You Don'T See Is Not Necessarily Not There 8/1/2012
594. When Death My Way Comes, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Sonnet: Cuando Yo Vaya A Morir 10/18/2013
595. While You Breathe In Your Office, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Mientras En La Oficina Respiras 11/7/2013
596. Who Dares To Take This Life From Me, Knows No Better 7/13/2012
597. Words Uttered In A Subdued Voice In Order To Constitute A Dedication, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Palabras Dichas En Voz Baja Para Formar Una Dedicatoria 11/2/2013
598. Words Uttered In The Dark/Night: The Poem, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: Palabras En La Noche: El Poema 11/6/2013
599. You Said: Why Can'T I Have My Day 8/11/2012
Best Poem of T (no first name) Wignesan

Copla Cuarenta Y Siete: This Bad Guy World

Could humans be thought intelligent
And gods dumb blind bloody heartless:
Might it look true

Or are humans made to relent
Higher design by gods no less:
More likely true

Supreme God uses toddler gods
The rhythmic Shiva dance divine:
Yang-Yin la-di-da

Till humans learn to become gods
And submit to His Grand Design:
Lordly lila*

• Lila (leela) : In Hinduism, the Supreme Being (Brahman)
in a magical creative act manifests himself in the Universe acting out the 'Divine Play' through a rhythmic dance (of Shiva) , and the 'Divine Actor' ...

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Curse Of Caste


They came on bullock-carts
loaded with gods
traversed sinuous mountain ranges

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