T (no first name) Wignesan

T (no first name) Wignesan Poems

21. Villanelle: Think of the trillions who have gone away unsung before us 1/14/2015
22. Villanelle: There Are More Poets Than There Are Poems 8/29/2013
23. Villanelle: The Poietics of Being 7/9/2013
24. Villanelle: The only game solution to the human condition 12/13/2014
25. Villanelle: The Lesson Cannot Just Be One Life's Lost 7/15/2013
26. Villanelle: The fall from grace is the shame borne as lost face 12/4/2014
27. Villanelle: Talk not of the birth of planets around distant stars 11/13/2014
28. Villanelle: Stringent laws only serve to constrict our hearts to hate 12/6/2014
29. Villanelle: Strike! and You Sign Your Own Death Warrant! 9/6/2013
30. Villanelle: Oscar Victorius 2/23/2013
31. Villanelle: Only In Democracies Reigns Surprise 1/8/2014
32. Villanelle: One or the other has to give in a tug of war 1/9/2015
33. Villanelle: O! What a wonderful world this sordid life could verily be 12/16/2014
34. Villanelle: Nothing so upturns creative cauldrons as retching up art 12/21/2014
35. Villanelle: No curse worse than the place and name you inherit to hate 12/24/2014
36. Villanelle: Nations barely survive the turbulence of international events 12/31/2014
37. Villanelle: Martin-Pecheur, the Fisher King 7/6/2013
38. Villanelle: Lodged In Our Cockles Aladdin Lamps Hum 3/25/2013
39. Villanelle: Live with the borrowed lives made by your own mistakes 12/2/2014
40. Villanelle: Is there shame worse than that to be caught dead unknown 1/3/2015

Sing haughty Yacht-y Yea

bayboats purse seine whey
journey yearlong gay
laddy inured dryup
haughty yachty yea

mildred mayhem dewlap
naughty jaunty jay
car sons caught in capers
haughty yachty yea

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