T (no first name) Wignesan

T (no first name) Wignesan Poems

41. Villanelle: If You Scoff At The World We Live In 6/29/2013
42. Villanelle: If You Knew What The Rest In Silence Think 5/1/2014
43. Villanelle: Hope Not Hope Against The Landing Of The Craft MH370 3/23/2014
44. Villanelle: For one life lived through mistakes how many defy death 11/30/2014
45. Villanelle: Everything's just much too much and fudge far too far 11/15/2014
46. Villanelle: Everyone's life is really one and the same role 12/14/2014
47. Villanelle: Even childhood teenage nurture stops not the rupture 11/27/2014
48. Villanelle: Dare you stain the portals of your deity's sacrosanct citadel 12/9/2014
49. Villanelle: Cowered crushed cramped in the pit of our stomachs 12/3/2014
50. Villanelle: Brand Not A Nation As Satan's Igloo 11/21/2013
51. Villanelle: Bequeath not an image which isn't wholly your own 11/17/2014
52. Villanelle: Ask Not Why, How, Where Nor What We've Become 12/1/2013
53. Villanelle: All are prisoners locked in the prism of timespace 11/18/2014
54. Villanelle The Fake or the Phoney thrive only on blatant envy 12/19/2014
55. Verbum Caro, Translation of Pierre Emmanuel's Verbum Caro by T. Wignesan 10/22/2014
56. Unheeded in the spread of his name, quaking 7/12/2012
57. Una or Death, Life: 1,42 and 43, Translation of Pierre Emmanuel's Una ou la mort, la vie: 1,42 and 43 by T. Wignesan 10/29/2014
58. Turn The Sod To Find A Hand In Your Hand 12/7/2012
59. Tuan Tata, Song of Uda - 1 7/13/2012
60. Truth, Falsehood, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Sonnet: Verdad, Mentira 11/3/2013

A reluctant Sayonara

for my long-suffering, poetry-loving doctor sister: Thadshayani

« She must suffer to her last breath. (…) They'll all soon be as Dead as 0-Ren Ishii. »
« That woman deserves her Revenge. And we deserve to die. »
From « Kill Bill Vol.1 »


Two French girls in Paris

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