T (no first name) Wignesan

T (no first name) Wignesan Poems

161. Follow Me, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Suis-Moi By T. Wignesan 10/16/2014
162. Free Power 10/13/2012
163. Free Verse: Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Vers Libres 8/31/2013
164. Gérard Sekoto, In Memorium (1913-1993) 7/12/2012
165. Ghazal: Now That She's Left And Gone To Be Herself Again 6/17/2013
166. Give Me Back My Name 7/11/2012
167. God! God! Why Have You Forsaken Me! Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani By T. Wignesan 10/24/2014
168. Golden Secrets In The Flower 7/11/2012
169. Haikus With Commentaries By Etiemble, Translated By T. Wignesan 3/29/2014
170. He Who Creates Re-Creates Himself 7/11/2012
171. Hostages, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Otages By T. Wignesan 10/18/2014
172. I Know, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Poem: Je Sais By T. Wignesan 9/30/2014
173. I Saw A Tree A-Falling... 7/12/2012
174. I Wash My Hands Of It All, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Je M'En Lave Les Mains By T. Wignesan 10/10/2014
175. In The Eye Of The Hurricane, Translation Of Carlos Bousono's Poem: En El Ojo Del Huracan 10/26/2013
176. Incinerate Your Love 7/30/2012
177. Is The Exile A Traditional Unsimplified Chinese Pictogram Hanging On An Unrolled-Up Bamboo Scroll On The Wall 7/11/2012
178. Is There An Exclusive All-In-One Principle 8/26/2012
179. It Pitter-Patters Down My Heart: Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Il Pleure Dans Mon Coeur 8/28/2013
180. Journeys, Translation Of Etiemble's Tercets: Voyages By T. Wignesan 4/3/2014
181. Kiss Of Judas, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Le Baiser De Judas By T. Wignesan 10/12/2014
182. Komori 7/11/2012
183. Krishna's Advice To Arjuna 7/13/2012
184. Künst 7/13/2012
185. Lament, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Poem: Lamento 10/3/2013
186. Letter To... From A Classic Archetypal Dope 7/13/2012
187. Limerick Crochet: Once A Dangling Dude Got Himself Tattooed 11/22/2013
188. Limerick Crochet: Once Budding Writer Took Private Tuition 1/10/2014
189. Limerick Crochet: Once Swiss Miss Wanted To Make Cake With Cheese 11/20/2013
190. Limerick Crochet: The Saga Of Sea Anne-Anne 11/23/2013
191. Limerick Crochetés: Portrait Of A Dead Brit Nazi, Lord Of The Lollypoppians 5/12/2014
192. Limerick Croisés: Once A Loud-Mouthed Sergeant-Major 2/19/2014
193. Limerick Croises: Once Our 'Rita Jumped Into Sea Anne-Anne - 14 8/21/2013
194. Limerick Croises: There Was A Wily Woman From Spain 8/22/2013
195. Limerick Multiplication: Once An Optimistic Optician 8/5/2013
196. Limerick: Once A Baby Found In A Bucket 4/5/2013
197. Limerick: Once A Back-Pain Man From Japan 1/6/2014
198. Limerick: Once A Banker From Starving Wall Street 4/4/2013
199. Limerick: Once A Baron Born Near Basingstoke 2/6/2013
200. Limerick: Once A Barrister Hired A Spinster 12/29/2013
Best Poem of T (no first name) Wignesan

Copla Cuarenta Y Siete: This Bad Guy World

Could humans be thought intelligent
And gods dumb blind bloody heartless:
Might it look true

Or are humans made to relent
Higher design by gods no less:
More likely true

Supreme God uses toddler gods
The rhythmic Shiva dance divine:
Yang-Yin la-di-da

Till humans learn to become gods
And submit to His Grand Design:
Lordly lila*

• Lila (leela) : In Hinduism, the Supreme Being (Brahman)
in a magical creative act manifests himself in the Universe acting out the 'Divine Play' through a rhythmic dance (of Shiva) , and the 'Divine Actor' ...

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Sing Haughty Yacht-Y Yea

bayboats purse seine whey
journey yearlong gay
laddy inured dryup
haughty yachty yea

mildred mayhem dewlap
naughty jaunty jay
car sons caught in capers
haughty yachty yea

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