T (no first name) Wignesan

T (no first name) Wignesan Poems

161. Ruba'I: The Poet, The Page And The Word In Whichever Order? 11/28/2013
162. Rondelet: Yang Be Evil 12/29/2012
163. Rondelet: Who The Hell Cares 12/21/2012
164. Rondelet: Who Takes Over 5/9/2013
165. Rondelet: Tuut-Tuut All Aboard 12/25/2012
166. Rondelet: Tau Ceti Soul 12/20/2012
167. Rondelet: Stuck In A Hole 12/10/2012
168. Rondelet: Scoop Of The World 1/4/2014
169. Rondelet: Reduce The Size And Population Of The State 12/13/2012
170. Rondelet: Rat-A-Tat-'Tat 12/16/2012
171. Rondelet: Panic Stations 12/24/2012
172. Rondelet: On The Payroll 12/26/2012
173. Rondelet: Obama Hear 12/18/2012
174. Rondelet: No Man Is An... 12/23/2012
175. Rondelet: Masons In Arms 12/11/2012
176. Rondelet: Give Me Country 12/19/2012
177. Rondelet: Fa' Morgana 2/5/2013
178. Rondelet: Eyes From Afar 12/22/2012
179. Rondelet: Don'T Blame India, The Land Of The 64 Artful Kama-Sutra Positions 1/14/2013
180. Rondelet: Democracy 12/14/2012
181. Rondelet: De-Human(-Ised) Rights 5/5/2013
182. Rondelet: Cliff Hangers 12/28/2012
183. Rondelet: Be Charitable 12/12/2012
184. Rondelet: Bad Guy Dope* 1/18/2013
185. Rondelet: (Nuclear) Rot In Bowels 5/22/2013
186. Rondel: You Came Too Late This Time Our Tryst To Keep 5/18/2013
187. Requiem For An Unknown Tigress Cub 8/17/2012
188. Radically Chinese 7/11/2012
189. Quizz With Broad Hints For Blind Poets 11/21/2014
190. Quail Not At Death's Door If You Wrought No Wilful Harm 11/9/2014
191. Prologue To Declining Change 7/11/2012
192. Prison Souvenirs, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Poem: Souvenirs De Prison, March 1874 10/2/2013
193. Prayer, Translation Of Paul Verlaine's Poem: Prière 10/4/2013
194. Post Coitum Omne Animal Triste Est Sive Gallus Et Mulier 12/9/2012
195. Poems Omega Minus 7/13/2012
196. Plaidoirie For A Prince Of Jaffna? 7/13/2012
197. Pied À Terre 7/12/2012
198. Petrarchan Sonnet: If No One Else Breathed In This Wide, Wide World 2/27/2013
199. Paths In The Private Country 7/12/2012
200. Passage Tjhrough The Sea, Translation Of Pierre Emmanuel's Passage De La Mer By T. Wignesan 10/20/2014
Best Poem of T (no first name) Wignesan

Copla Cuarenta Y Siete: This Bad Guy World

Could humans be thought intelligent
And gods dumb blind bloody heartless:
Might it look true

Or are humans made to relent
Higher design by gods no less:
More likely true

Supreme God uses toddler gods
The rhythmic Shiva dance divine:
Yang-Yin la-di-da

Till humans learn to become gods
And submit to His Grand Design:
Lordly lila*

• Lila (leela) : In Hinduism, the Supreme Being (Brahman)
in a magical creative act manifests himself in the Universe acting out the 'Divine Play' through a rhythmic dance (of Shiva) , and the 'Divine Actor' ...

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Curse Of Caste


They came on bullock-carts
loaded with gods
traversed sinuous mountain ranges

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