Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Poems of Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

61. A Fisher Of Men Jesus Said To Be 4/18/2011
62. A Fool Is? 8/19/2010
63. A Fountain Of Word Wisdom 3/11/2010
64. A Gazillionaire To Marry To Make Life Easier 6/5/2012
65. A Gift From Prometheus To Mankind 6/5/2010
66. A Gift Of Healing Needed 12/30/2010
67. A Gift Of Precious Beauty Enriches Society 5/12/2013
68. A Gift Of Time 8/17/2011
69. A Golden Memory 6/5/2010
70. A Good Day To Die? 8/13/2010
71. A Good Deal 4/7/2010
72. A Good Place To Start 5/24/2010
73. A Good Poke In The Eye 5/18/2010
74. A Grain Of Wheat 8/2/2011
75. A Grasshopper Must Jump 7/26/2012
76. A Great Love Weathers The Storm 1/20/2011
77. A Great Soul Embraces All Knowing No Enemies 12/17/2010
78. A Great Woman 1/20/2010
79. A Greater Love Then Thee 2/6/2010
80. A Harvest Of Golden Treasured Corn 4/16/2011

The Stranger

It was on Queen Street
Auckland, we mystically met.
I hurried past up hill
to swiftly change in hotel room.
I felt presence reach
out, as I rapidly pasted.
I stopped; to glance around.
What had arrested motion?

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