Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light) Poems

121. Window Pane Cries 8/8/2011
122. Window Insight 8/8/2011
123. Wind Child Love Embracing 5/3/2011
124. Wind Change 7/30/2012
125. Wilt Not Forget Thee 1/27/2010
126. Will They Listen? 10/12/2010
127. Will Of The Wisps 7/11/2012
128. Will Love Survive The Summer? 2/26/2013
129. Wilderness Salvation Ministries For Lost Sheep 5/6/2011
130. Wild Roses* 1/18/2010
131. Wild Flower Leave For Future Contemplation 1/22/2010
132. Wild Desires Of Raging Hormones Appeals 9/16/2012
133. Wife In Exile 8/7/2010
134. Wide Cast Are Silk Nets Of Mammon 11/13/2011
135. Wide Cast Are Nets Of Mammon 3/3/2011
136. Why's Phone Not Active? 7/3/2012
137. Why? 1/23/2010
138. Why Worry? 1/2/2011
139. Why Surprised? 12/19/2010
140. Why So Sad? 5/5/2012
141. Why Pull The Blind? 7/25/2010
142. Why Presume To Judge? 9/29/2011
143. Why Phone Number Non Active? 7/3/2012
144. Why No Ear Ringing Active? 7/3/2012
145. Why Leave Primordial Earth Seas? 9/5/2012
146. Why Hold Passion Jealous Stubborn Fast? 11/2/2012
147. Why Evolve Redundant Eyes 3/10/2013
148. Why Do You Expect? 8/23/2010
149. Why Do People Lie? 7/3/2012
150. Why Did This Have To Happen To Me Lord? 11/6/2010
151. Why Comment? 2/18/2013
152. Why Bother? 3/17/2010
153. Why Are Heinous Crimes Committed? 9/3/2012
154. Why A Lifetime Of Suffering? 9/15/2011
155. Who Would Have Thought 7/26/2012
156. Who Wonders About Spellings? 8/12/2012
157. Who With Power Authority Will Speak For Me? 2/6/2013
158. Who With Power Authority Speaks For Me? 2/6/2013
159. Who Will Stand For Morality? 11/23/2011
160. Who Will Sacrifice Life For Peace Causes? 7/3/2012
Best Poem of Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Maya Angelou: A Phenomenal Woman?

Me thinks much ink
has been spilt
over the poem;
‘Phenomenal Woman’
by Maya Angelou.

Me thinks it is time
I stuck my oar in
had my say;
hopefully in a far
less controversial way.

So I ask all these supposedly
expert men who
read read read her poem;
then see red red red
who is Maya Angelou?

A Phenomenal Woman?

And to a man these reds do not know?

Do they also not know
that it is personal choice;
which poems poets writers we like?
All have differing tastes
all are entitled to their opinion! ...

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Single Red Ribbon

Once there was a ribbon
a single red ribbon
two gold rings threaded.
Upon either end.

Upon a silver tray
were rings placed
with silver scissors

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