Treasure Island

tiffani staar

(july 11 1991 / oklahoma)

Poems of tiffani staar

1. Allow Me 6/15/2007
2. His Broken Heart 6/22/2007
3. I Can't Be Perfect 7/21/2007
4. I dont want to do this anymore 9/3/2007
5. I Prevailed 6/16/2007
6. I Wonder 6/15/2007
7. I'm the Girl 6/15/2007
8. Stereotypes 6/16/2007


I'm a cheerleader
So of course I have no brain
I won't show my feelings
Therefore I feel no pain
I hang out with the right crowd
So I must be a snob
My daddy has money
So I wouldn't dream of getting a job
I don't let things get to me

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