twilight by the river

Poems of twilight by the river

1. ***We Will Not Go Down Tonight*** 4/8/2009
2. A so called life 8/1/2010
3. Dangerous Thoughts 6/7/2013
4. Distant Forest 7/22/2011
5. First Time Love 6/15/2013
6. Grey Pink 9/17/2009
7. Inside The Sunshine 10/24/2011
8. Just an answer 9/4/2010
9. Looking for Answers 9/8/2010
10. Morning Dew 8/27/2011
11. The other me 5/9/2010
12. Void Despair 8/7/2010
13. Void Despair 2 8/27/2011

Just an answer

Not my bones but my hopes,
Not my tears but my spirit,
You bruised that night.
My eye is blue and i'm out of clues
I don't see why the roots hate their fruits
I'd give all my damned years to understand
I just want to know what to mend
Is it me? oh is it me
God help me to see

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