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361. He Doesn'T Want To Be Nagged For Petty Things! 9/27/2012
362. He In A She.. 9/17/2013
363. He Is Crucified By You, My Friend.. 3/29/2013
364. He Is Too Great But His Is Secretive 7/18/2013
365. He Or S He! 10/31/2012
366. Head Counting Hiv 3/19/2013
367. Heart That Rots... 5/25/2012
368. Hearts Can'T Be Serviced, But Taken Care! 7/24/2012
369. Heat Theory Of Emotions! 12/1/2012
370. Heavily Tinted 6/12/2013
371. Help Is Not Available On The Streets.. 6/24/2012
372. Help Me... 6/5/2012
373. Help.. 11/11/2013
374. Her Heart Couldn'T Believe.. 1/27/2014
375. Hi Lady E, 4/7/2015
376. Hi, How Is Your Garden? 12/12/2012
377. Hide/Unhide The Names Such As Daddy, Mummy And The Rest.. 1/13/2013
378. High Heels On The Muddy Roads... 4/7/2012
379. Hip Dance 2/8/2012
380. Hit, But Stay.. 12/2/2013
381. Hold My Hand! 12/5/2012
382. Hope.. 4/3/2013
383. Horn Bills In Pangkor Island 10/7/2014
384. Hospitality Of Modern Human.. 1/6/2014
385. How Is Your Blanket? 12/29/2013
386. How Much Is Enough? 10/25/2013
387. How The Cat Was Out.... 2/10/2014
388. How To Be Prosperous 7/1/2012
389. How To Come Out Of Depression? 9/19/2012
390. How To Cook A Poem? 2/8/2013
391. How To Enjoy Life? 1/18/2015
392. How To Make A Fist? 4/17/2013
393. How To Measure? 8/15/2012
394. How To Undo? 9/13/2012
395. Hug Me, Please... 5/22/2012
396. Hula Hula Girls.. 6/27/2013
397. Human Behavior! 1/12/2013
398. Human Prefer To Be Sad! 11/16/2012
399. Human Rights And The Hypocritical Society. 3/13/2012
400. I Am A Farmer.. 6/2/2013
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A Book.

Shelves of books with variant topics:
Medicine, Engineering and comics,
Languages, Management and Marketing,
Tourism, Text books and Computing,
House hold, Carpentry and plumbing,
Trucks, Driving and operating.
Must choose one to taste,
Read regularly to last,
A full term of life and love,
Nourish it with the dose of care,
Can buy it from the stores,
That sells New, second hand and old,
When the new book is bought,
The smell itself fresh and great,
To remember for the life throughout,
Keep it as a Holy book and enjoy,
When the ...

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The Encouraging Heart..

Your blatant lies are wonderful,
Which makes my thought beautiful,
Dust of pollen from the golden hill,
Filled my poor heart with diamond silt,
Those are the lies, really words of comfort,
Half mast happy flag may go up to the top,
The timely lies are too great to scoop,
As the flavored ice cream from the tub,
May Melt and disappear in a minute,

[Hata Bildir]