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veeraiyah subbulakshmi

Poems of veeraiyah subbulakshmi

61. A Poor Beggar's Rich Ambition! 9/6/2012
62. A ray of hope.. 3/11/2012
63. A Receipe To Cook The Organ Meats! 12/1/2012
64. a republic day in aristocratic India! 1/26/2013
65. a rider in the hoary desert... 12/26/2013
66. a robber is there near my door.. 1/8/2014
67. A Sad Fact! 8/7/2012
68. a sadist and a hermit.. 7/21/2013
69. A Sadist.. 9/10/2013
70. a saint in the making! 12/20/2012
71. A Secret To Prosperity! 7/14/2012
72. A Shirt From The Wardrobe 8/22/2013
73. A simple gesture.. 9/17/2013
74. a small prayer of a girl! 12/27/2012
75. A Snail In The Rain! 9/14/2012
76. a snapped kite... 5/13/2013
77. A spark.. 9/15/2012
78. A spirit and them. 5/31/2012
79. a star in your life... 2/13/2014
80. A Swing.. 12/10/2013

The Strength

Tears may wash away the dirt from the eyes
and the hurt from the heart.
Fear will wipe away the courage from the heart,
and fill the eyes with tears.
Fear is worse than tears, as it hurts the heart,
Tear is better than fear, as it heals the wound,
Give up the fear and the tear,
when our heart is stronger than ever.

[Hata Bildir]