Xielgnihhan Amasahdympaehk

Xielgnihhan Amasahdympaehk Poems

1. Love, Twofold 5/15/2013
2. Philosophy 5/15/2013
3. Sinful School 5/15/2013
4. The Battle Of The Ages 5/15/2013
5. Unending Love 5/15/2013
6. You And Me 5/15/2013
7. Deep, Dark, Scary Nights 5/15/2013
8. Redragon, Bluelves, Yellowyvren, & Greenaga 5/17/2013
9. An Al Bhed Prayer (In Al Bhed) 5/17/2013
10. Loneliness Of A Far Away Land 5/17/2013
11. Alone Again 5/17/2013
12. Always Forwards 5/17/2013
13. Near The End 6/1/2013
14. Friends About 8/11/2013
15. Through And Through 5/15/2013
16. Eljigakoh 11/28/2013
17. The Tortured Warrior That Was Reborn 5/15/2013
18. Dreams Of Life And Love 5/15/2013
19. Kingdoms & Pearls 9/8/2014
20. Lord Of Time 5/15/2013
21. Love Of The Crystalline Dragon's Parents 3/7/2014
22. Apology 9/8/2014
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It is with ease of mind, but drought of heart that I write this..
I did not know that these things would happen at all,
Not the destruction, the tragedy, the loss, the sadness,
None of those terrible things did I plan to come and fall.

I didn't think that the consequences would be so great,
The mass-genocide of your beautiful species at hand,
It was all in self-protection of mine that this happened,
For, like you, I was protecting my home and my land.

I may never shake this thing from my mind,
But now, with a greatly heavy heart, I doth ask,
From ...

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Sinful School

“Oh, what a glorious day it would be,
Of a time that I would come in,
To a class of any subject,
And find out that homework was a sin.

I would love that day with all my heart,
Because then I would be able to rest,
And be able to pass the class,
By putting my mind to the test.

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