Xielgnihhan Amasahdympaehk

Xielgnihhan Amasahdympaehk Poems

1. Love, Twofold 5/15/2013
2. Philosophy 5/15/2013
3. Sinful School 5/15/2013
4. The Battle Of The Ages 5/15/2013
5. Unending Love 5/15/2013
6. You And Me 5/15/2013
7. Deep, Dark, Scary Nights 5/15/2013
8. Redragon, Bluelves, Yellowyvren, & Greenaga 5/17/2013
9. An Al Bhed Prayer (In Al Bhed) 5/17/2013
10. Loneliness Of A Far Away Land 5/17/2013
11. Alone Again 5/17/2013
12. Always Forwards 5/17/2013
13. Near The End 6/1/2013
14. Friends About 8/11/2013
15. Through And Through 5/15/2013
16. Eljigakoh 11/28/2013
17. The Tortured Warrior That Was Reborn 5/15/2013
18. Dreams Of Life And Love 5/15/2013
19. Kingdoms & Pearls 9/8/2014
20. Lord Of Time 5/15/2013
21. Love Of The Crystalline Dragon's Parents 3/7/2014
22. Apology 9/8/2014
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It is with ease of mind, but drought of heart that I write this..
I did not know that these things would happen at all,
Not the destruction, the tragedy, the loss, the sadness,
None of those terrible things did I plan to come and fall.

I didn't think that the consequences would be so great,
The mass-genocide of your beautiful species at hand,
It was all in self-protection of mine that this happened,
For, like you, I was protecting my home and my land.

I may never shake this thing from my mind,
But now, with a greatly heavy heart, I doth ask,
From ...

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Lord Of Time

“Silence has fallen,
The Doctor is dead,
But is it true,
What you just read?

Every jump through time,
Every enemy in defeat,
He comes ever so close,
To being part of the elite.

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