Yevgeny Baratynsky


Poems of Yevgeny Baratynsky

1. A Bard's Sweet Song... 10/30/2013
2. Don't Imitate 10/30/2013
3. I Love You, Goddesses Of Singing 10/30/2013
4. Love 10/30/2013
5. Muse 10/30/2013
6. The Sculptor 10/30/2013
7. To Imitators 10/30/2013
8. Two Fates 10/30/2013
9. We Diligently Watch... 10/30/2013
10. You're Useless, Days... 10/30/2013


I did not blinded with the Muse, my dear:
She'll not be called the beauty, charming heart,
And throngs of youths, when sought her passing here,
As crazy lovers, will not run behind.
She has not any wish or gift to raise desires
By plays of eyes, by elegant attires,
Or by the clever and sarcastic speech;
But, the high world could sometimes be bewitched
By singularity of whole her expression,

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