yolandey breedt

Rookie - 488 Points [poetry is a gift as well as a pleasure to create] (1987/05/04 / south africa)

yolandey breedt Poems

1. A Hearts Song 6/7/2013
2. My Ambition 6/21/2013
3. If Only 7/12/2013
4. Announced Fate 7/16/2013
5. My Stupid Poem 7/25/2013
6. A Lover's Confession 7/25/2013
7. The Unanswered Question 7/27/2013
8. My Dad 6/7/2013
9. Words Of A Mother 6/7/2013
10. A Special Moment 6/7/2013
11. When You Are No More 6/7/2013
12. Dead Is My Love 8/1/2013
13. Still In The Darkness I Lay 8/5/2013
14. Destiny 8/7/2013
15. Secrets 8/12/2013
16. Cold Is The Soul Alone 8/12/2013
17. A Day Like No Other 8/12/2013
18. Life 8/12/2013
19. Short Messages 8/12/2013
20. Emotion 8/7/2013
21. I Need To Know 8/30/2013
22. Take Time To Notice 9/12/2013
23. Passion 2/5/2014
24. A Lovers Song 2/5/2014
25. In Time 2/5/2014
26. Broken 2/5/2014
27. The Pretender 2/5/2014
28. In Darkness I Live 2/5/2014
29. Jolly Time 2/5/2014
30. Unknown Temptation 2/7/2014
31. Nothing Else But Pain 2/7/2014
32. In A Moment Of Nature 6/7/2013
33. Who Am I? 6/7/2013
34. Loving Only You 6/7/2013
35. Wonderous Is The Rain 8/13/2013
36. Thoughts Of You 8/13/2013
37. Unexplained Feeling 2/11/2014
38. Forever I Give To U 2/11/2014
39. Spare Of The Moment 2/25/2014
40. Love In The Darkness 2/26/2014
Best Poem of yolandey breedt

The Mystery Of Love

the beauty of the colour of ur eyes
with one amazing powerful sparkled glance
i am binded by ur magical charm

the gorgous way u tend to smile
takes me to anther world in a deep trance
i am under a spell i know wont cause me harm
were i still keep wondering about ur unexplained mystery

the gentle and romantic way u touch me
completes me and sets my hidden emotion free
were i realise to me u are more than a friend

calm are my thoughts as i think of only u
my heart beating to its own tune as it sings ur name
permently i find my self lost in the ...

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Your Love Dad

Dad today is your birthday how old you are is well known
You may not be here were our love is strong
But u are home which is were u belong
Your love is still found in memories in our smiles and thoughts each day its shown

And even thou you gone a part of you still remains
We see you in each of us and thou we have this empty space in our heart filled with certain pains
We know you look down upon us your warm presence reminds us that we are never alone

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