Zaibar Zee

Zaibar Zee Poems

1. Love 12/3/2008
2. She Was An Eternal Life 12/3/2008
3. He Wants Her 12/3/2008
4. Means Of A Love 12/3/2008
5. Desert 12/3/2008
6. I Asked Her! 12/6/2008
7. My Religion 12/6/2008
8. The God! 1/31/2010
9. Game Of Chance (Life) 6/18/2007
10. Submission Poems - the Finale 6/21/2007
11. Beauty 8/5/2011
12. Great Event 8/5/2011
13. You Are My Life 6/18/2007
14. I Am A Bad Man 6/18/2007
15. Monologue (Earth) 6/18/2007
16. Submission Poems - qur’an 6/21/2007
17. Submission Poems - o Allah You Enough For Me 6/21/2007
18. ...Light 6/14/2007
Best Poem of Zaibar Zee


Brings hopes in the life, light
Travels with a greater might, light
Gives vision to many eyes, light
A colorful horizon on eastside, light

Seems coming form the heights, light
Over comes evils of the night, light
To the darkness it always strikes, light
Faster than any flight, light

For many beings it is a diet, light
Thunder seems snatching sight, light
Rainbow is at wide, light
Spreads everywhere at sunrise, light

Over sky all white, light
Gives impact always bright, light
Shows path, put on right, light
If one thinks it is a life, ...

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He Wants Her

He was looking for her whole his life.
He tried hard to know where she lives.
He asked many if she was still alive,
Spending thousands days and thousands nights.

He was desperately in need of her.
Wonder where she was,
She must be somewhere near,
She might wait him on his door,

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