' As My Religion '

Each one of us believe in different creed
Each one of us have religious sects we belong to
Just to satisfy our souls' spiritual needs
To believe in different icon of Gods and Goddesses

To the multiple religions we believe with each ism
To name a few - Catholicism, Hinduism, Shintoism
Islamism, Christianism, Confucianism, Buddhism
Each have guidance, doctrine to believe into

#(Buddha) 01 The Birth Of Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha was the founder of Buddhism Religion. He was born in 560 BC and died at the age of 80 in 480 BC. His life story is known to the world as a popular reformer in the spiritual world. His life story goes:


Before the Christian era,
In the 6th century, in India,
The religion was forgotten.
To winds, it was thrown.

It was a period of chaos,

A Tale Of India

(dedicated to my all poet friend from India at poemhunter)

Jaya, Jaya, Jaya, Jayahe!
Truth Alone Triumph
Satyameva Jayate
Jana Gana Mana

a graceful Namaste
an amazing diversity
welcome and respect

Composite Faith

Why do you think God created so many religions?
Maybe he wasn’t thinking straight and didn’t
anticipate how annoying they would become,
always running around claiming they’re the only
way. It’s not like any of them can prove it. I believe
God would be pleased if we formed a single
religion out of the best parts of all the existing ones.
For instance, Buddhism could contribute serenity
and peacefulness. Judaism could contribute
intellectual thought and lox & bagels. I think

#(Buddha) 39 The Offerings

Buddha said, “If one lives
Just for others’ happiness,
Happy that one becomes
As a matter of course.”

“To offer others
A heart one needs
Not the riches
Nor the social status.”

Great Power Love Sways Hearts Of All!

Goddess of Justice is blind folded to give justice sans any partiality ever;
Love is blind because love doesn't see age, who one is, colour, race and all;
Such a love all religions preaches in the world for mankind to follow in life;
If really all love so all, all will be united, peaceful and live in One World!

Love gives all and never takes anything from anyone ever in humanity;
Love is beauty, truth, frank, open in heart, mind and soul to make all happy;
Love is empathetic, passionate, helpful and useful as friend and equal to all;

Jammu & Kashmir – The Paradise On Earth

Jammu & Kashmir – where snow-white mountains are immersed into deep meditation from pre-historic times

Jammu & Kashmir – where mountain streams are flowing with sweet sounds, as if little children are reciting their nursery rhymes.

Jammu & Kashmir – where green meadows, valleys of flowers and apple orchards are eagerly waiting to welcome you

Jammu & Kashmir – where you encounter experiences that are so unique and completely new.

Jammu & Kashmir – where you find colourful birds singing and chirping in dense green forests

Blindness With Perfection

The Great Asoka* tried
Napoleon Bonaparte too tried and failed
Asoka denounced world and adopted Buddhism
Such was appeal and remorse for humanism

Why and at what cost these empires?
Who know when life expires?
What is use of acquiring whole world?
When no soul is there to be told

Mother(Mother' Day 2020)

(mother' day 2020)

Love is the deepest universe,
The deepest wire of feelings,
unfathomably deep silence,
Love is gratitude and untold,
No one can express it with voice.

Mother is our real world,

(adi Sankara) 02 Setback To The Hindu Religion

There was a setback
Thousand two years back
To the Hindu Religion,
With its order broken.

Many other religions came,
Like Buddhism and Jainism,
Just opposing the Hinduism,
Thus began its testing time.

Ashoka – The Great

He was young, handsome, and strong
Powerful, ambitious and aggressive,
He fought and won many battles
He was always on the offensive.

He became great, within a short period
The Emperor of a great stretch of land,
Like his father, who defeated Greeks
Rival kingdoms he couldn’t stand.

Made In China

China is infuriated with the US government,
The US did not ban the illegal imports that contained lead base paint,
(see Observation Do Tell Mattel)
Beijing was upset by Washington welcoming a Buddhist Monk,
The Dalai Lama by all means a saint.

Long before there was Mao, long before there was communism,
There was belief system that was secure in the Chinese culture,
It was Buddhism.


Isn’t it frustrating how Muslims say you’ll go to hell
if you’re not a Muslim and Christians say you’ll go
to hell if you’re not a Christian? There’s no way to win.
You just have to gamble that you choose the right
door. Maybe religions that don’t believe in hell, like
Judaism and Buddhism, are the way to go. But that’s
no good either because if you’re Jewish, you get
accused of all sorts of cockamamie conspiracies, and
if you’re Buddhist you could get reincarnated as a clam.
Reincarnation is like a big lottery. You could come back

Again, A Visit To Lake-Heart Pavilion (Zhu Zhu)

-—for Zhang Dai [1]

By Zhu Zhu
(Translated by Denis Mair)

It was in winter of 1632, snow fell for three days
All of Hangzhou Commandery retreated into the empty gate
And I…stretched out on the bed in my inn
Waited for a homeward road under the sun

Buddhism Without A Book

Well, you had to find it some
where another person passed simplicity
on to you, the practice of some syllables
the position of a seated body and you believe
a lineage of recognition of `mind'

not perfect, but intimate
with suffering
and the futility of maintaining
those troublesome states

Tolerance And Tradition

Whole of world seemed so small
Emperor Ashoka had met all the frontier calls
Enemy was reduced to nil and seen no where
He proudly thought' now no heads can dare'

But what did he hear on battle ground?
Calm and quiet situation with no sound
Slain soldiers and blood all around
No one to cry for them or to be found


A pretty fragrant flower is the Lotus
It occurs in hues of pink, blue and white
Lotus has been accorded a divine status
It's majestic beauty is a delightful sight.

The Lotus flower is indigenous
To India and surrounding lands
Sanctity and serenity it symbolizes
And is found in marshy lands.

From The Ruin

From the ruin,
Have I leapt up,
Like the soul enters,
A new body in Buddhism!

A new chapter has begun,
A new ‘me' has been born,
Fresh like the earth after the rain!
Carrier of a serene mind as that of the sadhu!

A Little More

Who shall I say-
the God!
When so many Gods we are surrounded with
on trees… in stones… in home… in hearts
I am not mystified
Friends wanted to know my religion

I smiled and said Relation! ! !
Relations are religion…

Retirement Eulogy

I retire with honour leaving my post to other.
Settling all the public affairs, I am happier.
Like a fairy, I take naps leisurely.
Things which I like to do freely: -
To read books and newspaper;
To write articles and poems better;
To participate activities as they come;
Website couplets, I appreciate some;
To invite friends to talk about Buddhism;
Organ music, I play with enthusiasm;