Composite Faith Poem by Professor Poetry Hound

Composite Faith

Rating: 3.2

Why do you think God created so many religions?
Maybe he wasn’t thinking straight and didn’t
anticipate how annoying they would become,
always running around claiming they’re the only
way. It’s not like any of them can prove it. I believe
God would be pleased if we formed a single
religion out of the best parts of all the existing ones.
For instance, Buddhism could contribute serenity
and peacefulness. Judaism could contribute
intellectual thought and lox & bagels. I think
Christianity should contribute the music. No, not
those cheesy Christian rock bands. Gospel music,
man! Er, I don’t think we need anything from
Scientology – well, maybe some John Travolta DVDs.
And one thing’s for sure: Islam will just have to
contribute all those virgins you get after you die.

Graham Jones 03 February 2006

Its true if there were only one relgion people would get on better, but they would still argue about somrthing, a very good write.

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Adryan Barnathan 11 February 2006

What will it be....door number one, two or three? ''Door one, no two, I mean one... no... I'll take number three''...yeah, yeah...number's a bit like that~!

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Michael Gale 06 February 2006

I totally concur! I can't stand Scientology one iota!

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M.I. Fairhurst 06 February 2006

While informative, it reads like you have written some text, and broken it up and put it on here as a it a poem though?

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Uriah Hamilton 03 February 2006

Really fun cool poem, subtracting the ugly and keeping the beauty.

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Rusty Daily 03 February 2006

I'm sure God had one religion in mind. Leave it to us mortals to screw it up. I do agree it would be good to take all the best from each. Do you think we could get Islam to offer the virgins before we die?

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