(adi Sankara) 02 Setback To The Hindu Religion Poem by Rajaram Ramachandran

(adi Sankara) 02 Setback To The Hindu Religion

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There was a setback
Thousand two years back
To the Hindu Religion,
With its order broken.

Many other religions came,
Like Buddhism and Jainism,
Just opposing the Hinduism,
Thus began its testing time.

Some Hindus, like Kabalikas,
Even did human sacrifices.
It was a period of total chaos,
With odd religious practices.

In that situation, there came
A messenger, Sankara by name,
To set right the growing disorder
And reestablish the religious order.

As a religious teacher,
And powerful preacher,
He restored the order,
Afresh in every corner.

Whoever looked at him,
They found peace in him.
A center of attraction he was,
Amidst the religious mass.

His teachings did contain
All the essential qualities,
To establish world’s peace,
Was of the Scholars’ opinion.

His divine musical songs,
And meaningful poems,
Were found very simple,
To be sung by all people.

In every contest religious,
He secured a grand success,
That made him all famous.
It built up massive followers.

With a staff in his hand,
As a sanyasi in command,
He visited many sacred places,
And converted the masses.

Several treaties he wrote.
The best one was, to quote,
‘Advaita, ’ philosophy, the truth,
That deepened the Hindu’s faith.

“Advaita’ means, the oneness
Of the Brahman in the Universe
With the human spirit soul,
That is one’s ultimate goal.

His short span of life was
Not more than thirty two years,
But, in this period, his name
Rose up to the height of fame.

His life was glorious
By all his works famous.
In the spiritual pages,
He lives for many ages.

As a blessed son of this soil
And a great realized soul,
He serves as a role model
To all the spiritual people!


'Advaita' says it all..it would take the fear out of man...when he knows he is more than himself...thanks for this wise share about the saint

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Sandra Fowler 29 June 2009

I like the phrase, 'in the spiritual pages'. That seems like a very good way to describe a saint's place in history. Excellent, Rajaram. Kind regards, Sandra

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Miriam Maia Padua 13 July 2009

very beautiful write.. you are gifted with wisdom and great love... very spiritual write... very interesting Sir... I learn a lot from this piece 10++++ lovelots, maia

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reading your works shows that you are a highly spiritual person, nice poem indeed..

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As a blessed son of this soil And a great realized soul, He serves as a role model To all the spiritual people! ... rose to higest temporal head of hindu religion in short span of time.. a gret divine message to humanity and mankind to be remembered for all the time to come

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Hema Ravi 30 June 2009

'As a blessed son of this soil And a great realized soul, He serves as a role model To all the spiritual people! ' Indeed he does! The seeds he has sown are bearing fruit. As a blessed descendant of the land of Adi Shankaracharya, your verse is inspirational indeed. Thank you.

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Surya . 30 June 2009

very beautifull write. the saint indeed was a great one often interacting with the divine.but he seems to have made a mistake by dicriminating the lowly man. does not that conflict his theory.further i do not know for sure whether advaitha theory was founded by him.kindly educate.thanks and regards. surya

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Rajaram Ramachandran

Rajaram Ramachandran

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