A Little More Poem by Lovita Morang

A Little More

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Who shall I say-
the God!
When so many Gods we are surrounded with
on trees… in stones… in home… in hearts
I am not mystified
Friends wanted to know my religion

I smiled and said Relation! ! !
Relations are religion…
asked me other way
Who is your God?
you look like the God
still confused

Night slip off into dark confusion
smiles on
earth finished another round
Ready for another- slipping into another day
I came out of my room
Looked around
Looked down

Human hum from the temple bell, the church, the mosque …
Like a good morning song
Then I look down to the crowded street
Walking the same street - a Hindu, a Muslim, A Sikh A Christian, A Buddhist,
Like the planets in the solar system
And sun smiling by

As the shutter of shops opens
first thing I see everyday is smiles
street filled with spirit of smiles
as if every precious words from the Koran, the bible, the veda, dhamma
merged in the air
The smiles ooze out everyday like a good morning
The street looks like a peaceful garden of earthliness
I believed in love again
A re-birth-
Humanity worshipped,

Down from the street, the paper boy throws up the newspaper
Graphitt 2 December,2007

Master of art
Raqib shaw
garden of earthly III delights sold
for a staggering $5.54 million at sotheby’s London
Secret of success
Native land of Buddhism a paradise on earth called kashmir
parents muslim,
teacher a hindu,
school Christian
great victory in great Britain
They say if you have Victoria miro
Then you are made
Delightful dealings of earthliness
Grow your own garden
Don’t choose flowers
Be a good gardener
News in the paper
Millions of human mistakes danced before me-cries before me
Cries creeping out from the words and pictures
Human Beggers,
begging nothing but the
Things that costs nothing
Nothingness-as empty as the sky.
Veering to an unknown direction,

The sinner’s Abode-neither you nor I rule here
but we Preached the most sacred psalm;
like the Holyman burnt in sin.
Sin by loving…things not to be loved
They say forbidden apple don’t eat

Down in the street bihari bhaiya calling me
Didi… apple aam
Do accha apple pheko
Apples rolled on the floor
i smiled as I heard myself saying forbidden apple for the day
what more you want me to say
everywhere is happy and gay

Serene sleeping soul,
ashened in an unending passions of sinning;
Entrapped in the beauty,
Of it’s own sadistic slaughter.
to the direction where goodness tries
god in us reign to rise…
in these beautiful temples of aliveness…
a little more prayer in these relations
a little more smile for these religious existence

Lovita Morang

Lovita Morang

Arunachal, Assam, india
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