#(Buddha) 39 The Offerings Poem by Rajaram Ramachandran

#(Buddha) 39 The Offerings

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Buddha said, “If one lives
Just for others’ happiness,
Happy that one becomes
As a matter of course.”

“To offer others
A heart one needs
Not the riches
Nor the social status.”

Seven compassions
For the offerings
He had mentioned
To be followed.

1.Offerings of the eye:
Looking at others with
affection and mercy
not contempt or arrogance.

2. Offerings of expression:
A bright smiling face,
Not a grim or depressed one.

3. Offerings of words:
Speaking gently so that
Those who hear will feel happy.

4. Offering of attitude:
Attitude of respect, not
Looking down upon others.

5. Offering of the heart:
Speaking and behaving warmly.

6. Offering of seat:
Provide a seat to others
with respect

7. Offering of abode:
Invite others to one’s home.
Have an attitude of sharing.

These offerings, he followed,
Also expressed his gratitude
To others, who similarly followed
The path he had found.

Buddha and his disciples
Were invited for meals
By a blacksmith, one
Of the low caste men.

As he was very weak,
Even to go for a walk,
The worried disciples,
Refused to go for meals.

He said, ”It’s my intention,
The blacksmith’s devotion,
And sincerity must be taken,
To accept his invitation.”

“He should not feel,
I’ve refused his meal
As he’s from low caste,
Which is not correct.”

Buddha treated everyone,
Low or high caste, as one,
Rich or poor, as one,
Friends or foes, as one.

Despite his stomach disorder,
He accepted the offer.
As for the host’s devotion,
He had shown appreciation.

Eighty years old he was,
Yet, he served the cause
Of the suffering mass,
Till his last moments.

Buddhism found its roots
In India, but its branches
Spread all o’er the world,
Though it’s 2500 years old.

Sandra Fowler 03 October 2009

There is beauty and inspiration in these offerings. The story of the blacksmith is very touching. Buddha had a very noble character. Warm regards, Sandra

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 03 October 2009

lovely expressions of compassions those seven of them...thank you sir for this wise and wonderful poem

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Rajaram Ramachandran

Rajaram Ramachandran

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