' As My Religion ' Poem by Ency Bearis

' As My Religion '

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Each one of us believe in different creed
Each one of us have religious sects we belong to
Just to satisfy our souls' spiritual needs
To believe in different icon of Gods and Goddesses

To the multiple religions we believe with each ism
To name a few - Catholicism, Hinduism, Shintoism
Islamism, Christianism, Confucianism, Buddhism
Each have guidance, doctrine to believe into

To those who believe that there is God
Whatever their race, and of what religion
I definitely appreciate them - to my applaud
For their spiritual guidance to a moral value

There is only one God, per my philosophical reason
To - Cathochrislambuddhindshintoconfucianism
I may call this, as my religion, being I'm confused
And I do believe to the doctrine called ethicism

Thats the doctrine of ethical moral value
For my spiritual need, pray to God's guidance
And to my heart belief that I may extol
Not to put myself out of religion aside

R. H. Peat 01 August 2022

What did all the avatars encounter upon their spiritual quest? It was the same thing. It runs through all the major religions.

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Ency Bearis 06 August 2022

Thanks for the read and comments, much I appreciate

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Rickeisha turner 02 December 2020

This was so help full

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Ency Bearis 01 September 2022

Thanks for your comments

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Heather Wilkins 13 August 2013

excellent write ency love this one

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Adeline Foster 23 November 2011

Your appeal is heard and where to go. You may ask yes. Go to the source, my dear. Truth is awaiting you. Ask and you will find. Adeline

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Lina 31 May 2022

Hi, can you say whether the writer's purpose is to persuade or inform?

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