Lotus Poem by chandra thiagarajan


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A pretty fragrant flower is the Lotus
It occurs in hues of pink, blue and white
Lotus has been accorded a divine status
It's majestic beauty is a delightful sight.

The Lotus flower is indigenous
To India and surrounding lands
Sanctity and serenity it symbolizes
And is found in marshy lands.

The flower Lotus is perennial
Nelumbo nucifera, is its scientific name
Its purity and grace are real
To North America, it later, came.

The Lotus plant is aquatic
It is found near streams and ponds
It is traditional and symbolic
Of sun, creation and bonds.

The Lotus flower emerges
From the depth of waters murky
Its colour of pink and white merges
In the oval petals of the flower dainty.

The Lotus flower enjoys sun light
To cold weather it is intolerant
The leaves float on surface being light
Its flowers and fruits are coincident.

The dark green leaves in shape oval
Are water repellant (super hydrophobic)
They have long stems and are special
With the colourful flowers scenic.

Lotus is the famous flower
Which opens and closes each day
At night the Lotus flower
Closes and sinks under water way.

The following dawn
It opens and rises again
A flat round seed case is worn
And it in its centre is lain.

The wonderful thing about Lotus
Is that it is impervious to the swamp
Even after growing in murky waters
It remains clean and has a neoteric stamp.

All parts of the plant are edible
It is used in cuisine and is delectable
It's medicinal properties are commendable
And is prized for its spirituality respectable.

"Pink Lotus" is India's National Flower
It is considered as triumph's symbol
The Padma Sri, with emblem of Lotus flower
Is India's Civilian Award for honoured people.

Bhagavad Gita the scripture in Hinduism
Is adjured to be like the flower Lotus
We should dedicate ourselves to God is the symbolism
Untouched by sin, like water on the leaf of Lotus.

The pantheon of Hindu Gods many
Ganesha, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, and Durga along
With Rama, Surya and the Trinity
All co-exist and with the Lotus flower throng.

In Buddhism the Lotus flower represents
Purity of body, speech and mind
In a figurative form it presents
Elegance, Perfection and Sanctity entwined..

Like the Lotus flower ornate
We should stand high above the muddy shoal
Its unfolding exquisite petals postulate
The expansion of the inner soul.

Unwritten Soul 24 February 2013

You make lotus proud of itself, with detail, and full of colorful imagery and information, yes Lotus is one of the special flower that i have seen in many places and by many people...it has different style to compare with others..symbol of strength and uniqueness! _Soul

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Valerie Dohren 23 February 2013

The dew is on the Lotus, rise great sun and lift my leaf and mix me with the wave, Om mane padme hum, the sunrise comes, the dewdrop slips into the shining sea - my favourite piece of mystical writing. Your poem has taught me much also about the botanical nature of this beautiful flower. A lovely read.

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Valsa George 22 February 2013

Each poem of yours is a text in itself! This gives what we have to learn about Lotus and much more with the last stanza giving an admirably edifying finish to it! !

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Neela Nath Das 22 February 2013

I love this flower too. Blue lotus is a must in Durga Puja. as it takes birth in mud or murky water it is called Pankaj i.e born in mud.Very informative and reading your poems means having pleasure. Thanks.

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You have traced a lotus and that`s very good. These days none may be thinking about this flower of flowers.

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