Cancer Diagnosis

The shock of diagnosis
was etched upon her face
Her eyes and mouth wide open
slow motion, now the pace
“I’m sorry, ” said the doctor
was ringing in her ears
Her nightmares had come true
her deepest darkest fears.

As she slowly left his office

(569) Whipping Cancer The Old Fashioned Way

We all have Cancer cells, of that I’m sure you know,
but there is a way to keep them from growing fast or slow.

Cancer is an enemy we don’t want to see,
our plan must be to eradicate completely.

Let’s take it step by step to see what we can do,
get rid of that cancer, out of me, out of you.

Say good-bye to sugar, a big old cancer feeder,

Cancer Prayer

Dear Lord,
Please flood her nerves with sedatives
and keep her strong enough to crack a smile
so disbelieving friends and relatives
can temporarily sustain denial.

Please smite that intern in oncology
who craves approval from department heads

Please ease her urge to vomit; let there be


There's no trust left; it's all gone now
So during our next appointment
With you standing there dressed
And me mostly naked, shivery in a paper gown
You'll ask me how I'm doing
I'll tell you straight, Doc, just fine
Doc, thanks for asking.

To be on the safe side, to the doctor I went
He probed and he frowned, I knew what that meant

' Cancer (10 Words) '

Resting on bed
to greet visitors
my death!


How I remember the waiting room,
at my Daddy's oncologist's office-
If being eaten alive by cancer isn't enough-
The waiting room is full of old boring, dated
magazines in stages of disarray.
It smells like chemicals and fear,
and it looks deadly real.

Ugly pictures of a fisherman caught
in a raging nor' easter. Truly not a

Cancer Ward

Life, here hangs on a filmy thread of hope
Unskilled acrobats, making tight rope walks
With the deep chasm gaping below
Some too fatigued to feel the stress,
Empty beds bearing
the scars of lost battles,
Shaded rooms brooding in the gloom,
Pervading silence speaking mutely
of burnt hopes and dreams,
the morbid stillness occasionally broken by

Breast Cancer

Yes it is cancer,
a sternfaced doctor,
one for the stars
pronounced at once.
I am so young,
and a celebrity
she said, her tearful voice,
accusing, although timid.
But why, after a minute of
denial and confusion

My Mom's Cancer

The day I found out the Truth
about my Mom dieing of Caner,
It hurt me so bad and tore my heart apart,
because there was nothing else they cud do for her,
It was so hard to see my whole family crying but at least we were all there for my Mom.
I sat by her side each day and told her I loved her and she would always be in my heart,
and she wud turn to me and smile.
Then God took her, and at least she isn't suffering nemore,
and she is at peace with her pain and suffering.
I will alway's luv her and miss her....

Cancer Rising

Mind called the meeting with just Heart and Lungs attending:

Mind said:
'What is the problem? '
Heart said:
'I had been pumping as usual last week bringing Blood
back and I noticed that I was a two pints short from the usual flow.'

Lungs said:
'I was pumping oxygen and I noticed it as well. There was a shortage, not enough blood was coming back.'


Cancer laid itself down
Like black muck
Upon white lace
Devouring every inch
Without hesitation
Or respite;
Filling itself
To the full
Of all that
Once was perfect, tangible;

Cancer Ii

I often wonder will I be one of the lucky ones
To be given a new reprieve on life...
Given a second chance to appreciate
All the things in life I have taken for granted.
Suicidal thoughts and attempts thru out the years

When I should have held fast to all that is dear to me
The beauty that I was too selfish to acknowledge...
I want to live life to its fullest, watch my kids grow
Walk in the rain, play in the sun...

Cancer Blooms...

Cancer blooms in the corporeal garden
Slow, dreamlike, insistent
Not advertising its next appearance
Choosing at will among the garden’s delights.

I don’t care so far to die
Or not to die. I care
To live outside of fear
And inside the present time of life.
Shall I live as slow as cancer moves

A Message To Cancer

You are a lethal disease
And if you are defeated it isn't done by ease.
No one could find a cure against you.
All the world hate you, yes they do! !

You deprive a son from his mother.
You deprive a daughter from her father.
You cause an intense pain to your patients.
But some people conquer you by their patience.

Room 5228 - Huntsman Cancer Hospital

Lying awake in my hospital room,
It has been three days since my Cancer operation,

My life in the hands of surgeon,
Doctor, Mulvihill, Sean J.

Surgery was a success,
And my recovery is going well.

I would like to thank the following

Breast Cancer Defiant Bra Tattooed Life Choice

a blue flying butterfly a brown squirrel ferns
berries violet yellow daffodils blue bird flies
bright sharp inked tapestry in rainbow colours
tattoos enclosed in chain graphic bra designs

courage etched in hues takes multiple forms
trauma has mind splinter many edged facets
behold a statement of courage written in art
honour courage honour all who need support

The Cancer Sonnets Series

Candle Power in Intensive Care

The unction cools my brow, the candle shines
and forms a line of sacramental brede;
the priest half-chants the text, and makes the signs,
jogging my mind with the redemptive creed
I learned to lisp in church. A night-shift nurse
shows up with rosary beads and borrowed shawl.
I squeeze my morphine pump: the pain is worse.
A gurney clatters down the empty hall.

The Cancer

I wrote this for my mother Lori who was recently re-diagnosed with Phyocromacytoma which is a form of Cancer.
I love you mom! ! ! ! ! Hang in there!

Today is the day that I make a choice,
To stomp my feet, and raise my voice.

To let her know what words couldn't say,
'I Love you so much, and hope your ok.'

The Doctor is back and I don't understand,

The Breast Cancer Journey

Cancer is just an obstacle
Like any other terminal illness
No one is exempted from it
It kills men, women, and children
Rich, poor, upper and lower class
Living their families
Confused and desperate
Cancer hurts those who survived
Spiritually and psychologically
Fear is with them all the time

Cosmic Cancer

Is life a kind of cosmic cancer
Invented in the laboratory of an alien ‍planet?
Then why does sheer madness rule the universe?
Why are we always at each other's throats?
Is God an autistic child hungry for domination and power?
Why then is there a thing like child soldier?
Why are the fanatics worshiped as demigods?
Is History Dead?
Why then is the world full of scientific psychopaths?
Is this the age of corporate killer clowns?