"Heaven" Has Different Signs&Mdash;To Me Poem by Emily Dickinson

"Heaven" Has Different Signs&Mdash;To Me

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"Heaven" has different Signs—to me—
Sometimes, I think that Noon
Is but a symbol of the Place—
And when again, at Dawn,

A mighty look runs round the World
And settles in the Hills—
An Awe if it should be like that
Upon the Ignorance steals—

The Orchard, when the Sun is on—
The Triumph of the Birds
When they together Victory make—
Some Carnivals of Clouds—

The Rapture of a finished Day—
Returning to the West—
All these—remind us of the place
That Men call "paradise"—

Itself be fairer—we suppose—
But how Ourself, shall be
Adorned, for a Superior Grace—
Not yet, our eyes can see—

Saadat Tahir 08 July 2010

clearly Emily holds creation in awe... she is mesmerised by the mundane and ordinary yet beautiful she sees signs of a reincarnation at a different level, in day to day happenings she speaks of the presence of GOD or the ultimate being...and the meaning of loife and death on a deeper level.. the poem is so fluid and charming.... in simplicity it is unmatched, so is the content... a culmination of poetic discourse, i d say abso amazing cheers to her... a celebrated poetess par excellence sat

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Bryce Edward Coast 08 July 2010

The beautiful side of mother nature~of what our eyes see here on Earth~ are but semblances of a place we can only imagine~Heaven

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Ramesh T A 08 July 2010

Lovely poem about heaven on Earth is wonderfully written for the reading pleasure of all!

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Anna Sriwahyuni 08 July 2012

i believed, it's very be supposed to in beauty life of nature, so nice, ,

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Karen Sinclair 08 July 2012

Heaven is right here right now, whilst we are lucky enough to relish nature.....a wonderful ode...

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Annabel Adu-Agyei 20 September 2022

The way she puts "heaven" and "paradise" in quotes makes me believe she was not religious. All these—remind us of the place That Men call 'paradise'—

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Tamara Beryl Latham 05 March 2022

Emily has a distinct style of her own and the majority of her poems are beautifully penned.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 11 May 2021

This is one of my favorite poems from your masterpieces!

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Ratnakar Mandlik 18 June 2019

Different signs in nature's manifestations like dawn, sun set etc have been discussed with the possible meanings coming out of them.

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Castellenas John 27 March 2019

Beautiful word for heaven by the amazing writer.

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