Why do you think you're better
If your culture is not the same?
Yes, maybe you seem different
But deep inside all are the same.

Why do they think they're better?
If one is black and one is white,
If one is man and one is woman.
They are the same, that is their right.


I don’t mind the human race.
I’ve got pretty used to them
In these past twenty-five years.
I don’t mind if they sit next
To me on streetcars, or eat
In the same restaurants, if
It’s not at the same table.
However, I don’t approve
Of a woman I respect
Dancing with one of them. I’ve


Racism a nasty word
that conjures thoughts
of oppressive deeds
made by man because
of creed.
Discrimination another one
that binds our minds
and sharpens tongues
because of some elitist thought
that's unjust and plainly wrong.

George Floyd's Death - A Time To Do Away With Discrimination

Never had this reflection
even in the deepest and lightest
of my imagination, ever occurred
that the name and memory
of just one man called George Floyd
would be echoing in every corner,
in every State of America
though he was not a President
though he was not a Mayor
but just a black man who died

In Racial Discrimination

Not we alone
But entire one
And world as whole
Thrives for unity call

Only some of the countries
Undergo miseries
Create law and order problem
And finally be victim of racial disorder

No Discrimination In Gender

Every SHE (female)
Is opposite to every HE (male) ,
As opposite
Purposes will also be different (in many cases) ,

They are not same or equal (in many cases)
What sometimes measured
For some causes emotional,
Well is to have what's right;


Man, 'Why are these names,
He, she, I, you, my, yours? '
'Why so vulgar adjectives,
Black, white, rich, penurious,
Deemed God's words,
But emanating enormous tears.

Man, learn from the dark night,
For it never discriminates,
Learn from a tree,


Despise the eyes with tears
Resent the heart with fears
Beaten and reluctant
To hear the repeated words
Constantly thrown at him
And hesitant to look into the eyes that’s
Always looking down on him
Because of the color his skin
Cries emerging
From the depths of his soul

Nigger, Watch Your Back.. [ Inspired By A Book I Read, By Richard Wright***: The Ethics Of Living Jim Crow; Short; African-American Civil Rights; Racial Discrimination ]

Richard Wright (1908-1960)died of a heart attack.

When growing up, ‘black', in Mississippi, he learned to watch his "nigger" back,
i.e. he learned ‘his place' in dealings with the dominating ‘Southern Whites'.
He didn't live long enough to witness emerging U.S. "Civil Rights".

President Lincoln's 1860s Emancipation Proclamation "freed" slaves.
Blacks could no longer be owned, BUT, for many, "plagued" could be their days.

(winter 2018-2019)

Sexual Discrimination For The Ladies

Most women are content to be
to men a total mystery
Their thought processes baffle us
we find their thinking curious.
Men think in a straight forward way,
the answer must be yea or nay
But women don’t they intuit
most often rightly I admit.
It is not true that men are fools.
We don’t attempt to learn the rules.

The Real Discrimination..

We were standing alone in front of the school,
Where the kids would turn into adults soon,
Never ending useless home works and tests,
Projects, assignments and emotional issues,
We were standing alone in the vast playground,
Where we saw the women drove their cars to work,
Wearing high heels and immaculate dress,
Leaving the kids in the playschool and maids,
We were pushing the trolley in the super market,
The kids were in uniform, surrounded us as our body guards,


everybody knows
You say Dylan
I say Cohen
everybody knows

Discrimination... Poem Hunter



Finally you showed the color
you reduced me from No 2 to No 15

!)from 558 to 169

after posting of nearly 12 poems and scores of comments

Real Discrimination

We are pushed in living
And believing
That world has changed
And liberty is inked with golden page

Go all over
And you shall discover
The practice of apartheid
Very much strongly held

Without Discrimination

Do not break promises or lacerate trust.
The cuts to others open furrows in your own flesh.
By lacerating their hopes you destroy the bases
on which the world rests.
The distrust you induce kills love. The child
prisoner in his dreams sticks needles in the desire to be.
he knows not how to separate Time from wound or delirium from Dawn.
He knows not that he is the goldfish announcing
the sublime outbreak of the goal.
If, by advancing, you discredit the steps of others, those

No More Discrimination

I am your ever familiar figure
Either your mother or sister
Daughter or partner
I give birth you
You call me mother
In the womb I bear your embryo
You call me spouse
Baby comes
Calls you dad and me mom
This baby is our daughter or son


If there's a God of creation
He's in a minority group of one
Yet, he'll-not-tolerate discrimination
Or Prejudice racism by none.

Discrimination Here's You Come And Go

Discrimination’s like a snake
Its teeth in poisoned prejudice,
Causing ache

Discrimination abolished all warmth and spirit
And returned with a new hate
Relishing its pain brought
Never thought of halt


End Discrimination

Let us end all the discrimination
in the name of god or religion, GENDER or
by deeds or creeds, elite or ordinary
as we are created by the same superior
so respect righteousness and oneness.


What mysteries does this keyboard hold
or the artists' pallet strewn with unformed colour
our life a sheet of parchment
waits our thoughts and deeds
as does a canvas wait for brush
or keyboard waits the fingered hand
that never knows the way to say what's said
but with resolution makes a firm impression in the sand
and how we seek to change and make our mark
above stars shine and moonlight smiles