# A Nation Wakes Up In Joyous Disbelief Poem by Mamta Agarwal

# A Nation Wakes Up In Joyous Disbelief

Rating: 2.8

As history is made in the American elections
The world watches with disbelief and fascination.
Some one asked me, is it good for our nation?
Rejoice, people are overcoming racial discrimination.

This is not the time to ask such parochial questions,
It is about rising above caste, colour distinctions.
come on guys, why can’t you see it’s a giant leap of hope
And faith, so please join in the jubilation and don’t mope.

one man, despite lack of experience dared to dream,
and the people who put faith in him, cry and beam.
An Afro American has defeated a seasoned white,
I salute the democracy and the people for their foresight.

Hey, will the name WHITE HOUSE under go change?
So the new occupant doesn’t feel awkward and strange…

Sarwar Chowdhury 08 November 2008

The last question is significant. beautifully penned thoughts 10+++++

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Raj Nandy 08 November 2008

The poem concludes with an interesrting question.India did not feature in the first 15 calls made by the US President, Pak did! A good poem on a current topic by Mamtaji -Raj Nandy.

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 25 December 2008

that was a lovely write...10

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Sathyanarayana M V S 15 November 2008

You are right Mamta ji. This is time for rejoice; not for parochial questions. Let us wait and see what happens to world to India in particular with the advent of Obama.....................10

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Kesav Easwaran 12 November 2008

for all his sincerity and his relentless fight against terrorism Bush could not live up to the image he richly deserved...the wars and their after effects and the swelling recession that engulfed the States....well, here is a change refreshing....but most challenging for Obama....a good write on the political scenario of friendly nation of India...10

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premji premji 10 November 2008

in america, presidents are prisoners in the whitehouse. whether obama or george bush, they have just only one agenda: business... i appreciate your feelings... but america will remain as ever: hardcore conservative.... the rich jewish businessmen will decide the policies of america... like ambanies in india... this is the pseudo-face of democracy...

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Bob Blackwell 09 November 2008

For me it was a joyous day, I feel the whole world should celebrate as it is a victory over small narrow minded people. Lets hope and look forward to a better world. Thank you for writing this poem Mamta.

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