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I don’t mind the human race.
I’ve got pretty used to them
In these past twenty-five years.
I don’t mind if they sit next
To me on streetcars, or eat
In the same restaurants, if
It’s not at the same table.
However, I don’t approve
Of a woman I respect
Dancing with one of them. I’ve

Tried asking them to my home
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Guys.. its satirical 18 March 2019

its meant to be commentary on the racism in the 60's

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t r i g g e r e d 31 October 2018

Does it feel bad to be a disgusting person? The only person that stinks is you. If I were given the chance I would kill you in your bed too. smh

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It's a satirical poem, being " racist" to the whole human race. Are you the racist? What race came to your mind?

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AAAAAAA 18 April 2018

Your aloud to have your opinion, however you do not need to share it. Especially if your just being a complete A-S-S. I bet you smell.

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Aldo Kraas 07 April 2010

It is not discrimination, you are not discriminating people. You are like me Anti black and anti oriental. that is ok it is aceptable

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