Perfect World Poem by Amy

Perfect World

Rating: 2.9

In my perfect world
The sky is a perfect blue
The grass is a soft green
And together are me and you

In my perfect world
The sun is a perfect heat
No global warming
It would be a treat

In my perfect world
There would be no disease
The flowers would bloom everyday
And no one would cut down trees

In my perfect world
No one would be poor
The streets paved with gold
Silver for the floor

In my perfect world
Death would never come
Pain would go away
And no one would be dumb

In my perfect world
The government would not rule
We’d chose for ourselves
What we thought was cool

In my perfect world
Racism would not exist
Discrimination would be over
And nothing would end with fists

But then I remember
I can’t believe it’s true
But my world really is perfect
Because I spend it with you

Reshma Ramesh 12 September 2008

hey Amy hope you find your perfect world...........neat work

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Tai Chi Italy 12 September 2008

Awww a sweet; little poem Amy! made me smile becuase that is exactly how the world seems when you are in love....thanks for your romantic muse...Tai

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Miss Lavender 12 September 2008

hi there... a great poem indeed.. it reminds me of Utopia... different ideas related to one big great theme... i loved it...

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Sandra Feldman 13 December 2014

Very wonderful thoughts, very beautifully expressed, In the field that does it best, Poetry.

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Bob Blackwell 25 September 2008

Amy, this is a beautiful poem, with beautiful thoughts too. Very well written a ten from me.

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so beautiful...........thanks for sharing 10

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Bill Thomas 21 September 2008

Passionate & sweet - you so must hang on to the depth of feeling you show here.

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Tom Balch 15 September 2008

If only it was true, nice piece regards Tom

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