Yes, Yes, We All Can… Poem by Hebert Logerie

Yes, Yes, We All Can…

Rating: 4.8

(Dedicated to Our Brother President)

Yes, yes, We all can stop the violence,
Stop all non-sense,
Stop all negative vibrations,
And stop all ugly notions.
Yes, yes, we, all, can love each other,
Respect Mother Nature,
Father Creature,
All wave, shade and color.
Yes, yes, We all can be better,
Think brighter,
Behave smarter,
And protect each other.
Yes, yes, we all can reach for the stars,
Achieve, and succeed in spite of the scars,
In spite of injustice and discrimination,
In spite of prejudice and humiliation.
Yes, yes, We all can stop being naïve
And can only be optimistically positive.
Yes, yes, We all can,
Yes, yes, We all will win.

Copyright © January 2009, Hebert Logerie, All Rights Reserved

Hébert Logerie is the author of “Mounts And Valleys of Love”
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Ellen Frawley 05 August 2009

i like as said before lovely and positive lots of sprit

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Whitney t 05 August 2009

Yes, Yes, we can stop all the things wrong in the world.....if we come together as one....but love the poem...outstanding.....very postive poem and it's very meaningful

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yellowbell alamanda 06 August 2009

we should say 'Yes' to every possible things that can make as one in this universe....

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Michelle Kafka 08 August 2009

I find a great spirit and message in this poem. Now if only we all thought and acted this way everyone would probably be happier and positive. Great job on this humanitarian poem! Thanks for sharing.

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Ruerd Visser 09 August 2009

Nice one to read greatly inspiring, Let´s make it happen! May angels greet you Boomfriend Ruerd

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Marama Kelly 22 September 2009

Thanks for sharing. This has a good flow and clear imagery from beginning to end. It is well expressed and has a rythmn that draws the reader to become intertwined with what they are reading. Well done. The message you have shared in this is awesome and you are so right. Thanks again and many blessings to you

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Mubeen Sadhika 19 August 2009

Good optimism. Well thought. Nicely written.

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*_sakura ~daisy_* 16 August 2009

hmmm another fantastic write my friend very expressive....meaningful^^

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Sandhya S N 14 August 2009

positive attitude drenched lines.. regards sandhya

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Ninya Zulueta 13 August 2009

if all nations can read this, ... nice poem.if all would realize this and commit it to hearts, what a bright world this will be.

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