A Lonely Cloud.....[nature Observation; Humor]

I saw a lonely cloud one day.
It looked small beyond the Bay.
I tried to find a second and failed,
even though I looked each way.

Think of it! A single cloud.
Its loneliness spoke to me aloud.
I wonder how it felt up there.
Was it very proud?

February 2019 Showcase Of Poems From Here & There …[ Sharing Poem Hunter Poems With You! ; Topics Are: " Lonely "& "Butterfly" & Assorted Others ]

February 2019 Showcase Of Poems From Here & There …[ Sharing Poem Hunter Poems With You! ; Topics Are: " Lonely "& "Butterfly" & Assorted Others ]

When I have had ‘bad words' with the one I dearly Love,
thoughts of loneliness may {at my injured mind} Shove,
depressing my usually-contented outlook on my Life.
Yes, I may begin to doubt my future with my Wife!

But time, patience and a "sorry" does Improve
my lonely thoughts, and even them Remove!

A Later Oct.2021 Showcase..... [ Sharing Others' Poems From P-H]

Introductory Poem:

It's October 29th and I'll stay up late to share with you
several P-H poems I've enjoyed, not just one or two.
Ok, so what if ONE of them is from my own hand?
You don't HAVE TO read it; I think I'll understand.


It's the least I can do these days on a site, nearly 'gone to pot',

C'Mon Baby Light My Fire

Jeffrey Boyle was a real fireman.
I wish to it clear to you that you would understand;
Jeffrey was a fireman when he off duty being a fireman.
Jeffery, a 25 year-old veteran of Chicago's Fire Department, was an arsonist.
A fireman who starts fires, now that's twist.
Jeffrey was sentenced to six years in prison for starting eight fires.
His pension from the Fire Department had been revoked,
His retirement he planned was not acquired.
Boyle argued that because he set the fires while he was off duty from his job as a firefighter,

Mother, Mother, You Are The Wonder

Mother, mother,
You are the wonder.
Mother, mother,
You are there
To take care
Animals, birds,
Plants, insects,
And all creatures.
Mother, mother,
You are the wonder,

A Showcase For P H Poets: J U L Y 2016 …. [more Showcased Poems Of P H Friends; A Mixed Bag Of Seriousness And Silliness; Very Long, In Short, Medium, And Long Sections/Poems]

Come one, come all. Well, not quite;
only those who have the poem 'bite';
that is, those who like poetry to write,
or at least to read it when it's …..in sight.

I try each month to present works to you,
from P H friends; each may submit 1 or 2.
Or, if they push the right buttons, it may be 3,
but that may be too much darn work for me.

Five Quotations / Sayings, Set To Poetry …… [5 Shorties; Who Knows? ; Humor? ; Rhyme]

1. 'Eat Shit And DIE! '

Long ago I heard the expression 'Eat shit and die! '.
I don't recall who spoke, and I don't recall why.
It's the 'Eat shit' part I object to, NOT the 'and die'.
Dying wouldn't be so bad, but I'd rather EAT pie.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Shoppers, and
Poor women and poor men
With wallets
And without.

Merry Christmas
Whoever is in his or her little cell,
Little box,
In jail for a day

What Would Have Been Mine!

I am remembering holding this book I am holding now,
reading this poetry book I am reading now, and remembering
how I would read this poet in college. Occasionally, maybe rarely.

Maybe only because it was recommended to me by a 'friend', a fellow
student, even a room mate- one of the better ones, who I have no dire
problems with in remembering what he was like as a person, for the most part

And everything starts to fall apart and fall together once I enter memory as a
function of poetry. Nothing I have to be exact about. Nothing I can think of as

They Are Great Firefighters........

The firefighter's stories hold many sad memories
The lives that they save is immeasurable in value
They work round the clock to save the nation
And they do their best to protect us from tragedies
When we see them going home from fighting fire
they look exhaust and the smoke overwhelms them
They are wonderful human beings
who save lives from tragedy
And their strength of spirits lead them to do or die
They are always dedicated to their job and do their best

As A Firefighter Is My Mother

As a firefighter is my mother,
She might climb my ladder,
To fight my fire by water.

Her life is burning in my upbringing,
How many gifts I should have given.

Her joy strengthens my body to stand,
For kissing her forehead, feet, and hand.

Skunk From No Where [a Comic Collaboration By Ellias Anderson (Iran) And Bri Edwards (U.S.A) , Poemhunter Members; Somewhat Long; Silly]

Skunk From No Where

Part 1 (by E.A.)

Matt came home after a 72 hours camp, he was tired, He throw his bag a way, ding...Dang...Dong, ...it felt on the bed

Matt said: mom, what do we have for lunch?
His mom answered: if you won't wash your socks, you will take a punch!

Comedy Poems_ Part 1_ Skunk From No Where

Matt came home after a 72 hours camp, he was tired,
He throw his bag a way, ding…dang…Dong, …it felt on the bed

He said: mom, what do we have for lunch?
His mom answered: if you won't wash your socks, you will take a punch!

Then her mom picked the phone up,
Dialing a store: can you please bring masks for us? We live on 11 block, on the top

The salesperson asked: oh, I have brought some for your neighbors,

A Firefighter’s Nightmare (Senryu)

A Firefighter’s Nightmare (Senryu)

California’s drought
A firefighter’s nightmare
An arsonist’s dream

Edwin Tanguma © 5/8/2014

Love Song Minus All Myths

don’t ask me what’s it all about
no platonic ideals about love
and birth of love in myths and fables;
or discourses about marriages made in Heaven
but all I want to say is
I’m in love with you;
and yes, it’s the sort of love
(as in the common love, the usual love
the one everyone has except ascetics and saints and liars)
so it’s the sort of love


Roses are red
Violets are blue,
even though i'm not a firefighter yet,
I still love them more than stew!

A Firefighter In A Straight Jacket

I been looing all around
trying to loose my brain,
been looking for all sorts of love
to just say im crazyin love
but I wanted to surpass insane,
certain ones that had equal value or more
I let them over power me in the game,
it came around and hurt me in the end
I shouldnt of acted like that
and now i feel ashamed.

An American Hero

Robert Portella is a cherished hero
Everyone certainly agrees
He is a New York firefighter
And takes his job very seriously

When the 911 tragedy took place
In New York City, USA
This man did what he could
There is so much about him to say


I went to work.
Just another day.
I didn't know it would be my last.
Remember me.
I boarded a plane
To visit my family in California.
I didn't know that I would never see them again.
Remember me.
I was a firefighter,
Ready to save lives at the sound of an alarm.

The Stay At Home Mom

The firefighter was my husband and he was of the best.
He was great, he was loved and I was truly blessed.
I was a stay at home mom who took care of our infants.
Who got great gifts and felt so loved every day and more for birthdays and christmas.

On a gloomy day as I walked through my house I received a phone call and fell quiet as a mouse.
My heart sank to my chest and dropped my phone to the floor and shed tears of despair.
for my Husband named Tom has died and I did not know if I could bare.