A Lonely Cloud.....[nature Observation; Humor] Poem by Bri Edwards

A Lonely Cloud.....[nature Observation; Humor]

Rating: 4.8

I saw a lonely cloud one day.
It looked small beyond the Bay.
I tried to find a second and failed,
even though I looked each way.

Think of it! A single cloud.
Its loneliness spoke to me aloud.
I wonder how it felt up there.
Was it very proud?

A rarity I think it was;
like an active bee with no buzz;
like a single potato chip;
like a peach skin with no fuzz.

Like one firefighter at a fire;
a solitary pigeon on a wire;
a Facebook member with no 'friend';
a single member in a choir.

It's like an Easter basket with one egg;
a basketball star with one leg;
me with just one word to say;
a fraternity party with just one keg.

I guess you've come to realize by now
that when I saw that cloud I thought 'Wow! '.
If I'd been Adam, with Eve at my side,
to that small distant cloud I might bow.

(August 2012)

I really did see a lonely cloud recently across San Francisco Bay.
Femi Oloidi 28 October 2012

I'm growing through the peom again, and am lost in this poem, and all I can say again is; Wow! Kingfemi

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R. H. Peat 29 July 2022

Nice cadence to the lines. Enjoyable images with ironic feeling to them.

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Bri Edwards 25 September 2022

Thanks, R. H.! Let me see if you

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Rob Lamberton 06 February 2023

2012 was a good year!

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Rob Lamberton 06 February 2023

"a solitary pigeon on a wire" Nice word Bri!

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Tom Allport 13 December 2022

A wonderful write of a special sight, a solitary cloud floating all alone in an ocean of blue sky. Take care partner.

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Meredith Briggs 09 December 2022

I hope one day I can write poetry just like you. I can't imagine being that good.

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Bri Edwards 12 December 2022

You have already demonstrated a fine young poetic talent from what I've read so far. I happened to notice (in 'Notifications' section of PH) that you'd visited my 'cloud'. thanks.

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Beach Girl 22 November 2022

I saw a solitary cloud just the other day, so I can appreciate your observations presented in such a lovely poem. Great poem Bri!

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Bri Edwards 12 December 2022

Debbie, You'll always be my favorite Beach Girl. Ha ha. bri ;)

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