A Firefighter In A Straight Jacket Poem by Malik Crockett

A Firefighter In A Straight Jacket

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I been looing all around
trying to loose my brain,
been looking for all sorts of love
to just say im crazyin love
but I wanted to surpass insane,
certain ones that had equal value or more
I let them over power me in the game,
it came around and hurt me in the end
I shouldnt of acted like that
and now i feel ashamed.

but that is lessons that needed to be learned
just because you was in a fire
that doesnt mean you will always get burned,
and the times that you do
you feel embarrased but that doesnt mean,
because you have been burnt that you are still not you.
because it's been times I looked in the mirror after that
and I didnt see the same face
multiple personalities and third degree burns, effects my pace
and it hurts time to time so it affects myspace
and burns my heart like mase does to your eyes
but keep it moving youngin
especially on the long hurtful rainy days
because if I didn't have that Straight jacket on
i wouldn't be the person i am today.

Fefe Alhameed 15 July 2009

I LOVE IT <3 its is really good keep it up..

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Ruth Walters 15 July 2009

A really good poem Malik, I'd like to see more of your poems...... Ruth

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Malik Crockett

Malik Crockett

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