Comedy Poems_ Part 1_ Skunk From No Where Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

Comedy Poems_ Part 1_ Skunk From No Where

Matt came home after a 72 hours camp, he was tired,
He throw his bag a way, ding…dang…Dong, …it felt on the bed

He said: mom, what do we have for lunch?
His mom answered: if you won't wash your socks, you will take a punch!

Then her mom picked the phone up,
Dialing a store: can you please bring masks for us? We live on 11 block, on the top

The salesperson asked: oh, I have brought some for your neighbors,
Is any problems occurring there?

Matt mom answered with shame: ah...…I think a skunk has attacked,
Now he, oh, I'm sorry IT is at our house back…

At this moment Matt voice spread at the house:
Mom, I think I got a sickness, my socks smells worse that my blouse

Her mom answered with fear, dear, what are you saying I can't hear you,
The salesperson heard their conversation: Mam, who the skunk has attacked to?

Matt's mom wanted to say it's nice, but incorrectly she said ice,
The salesperson answered: wow, I should call the firefighter, they are so wise...

At this moment Matt shout: mom I can't breathe…
She answered: keep it down and talk less!

Then she told the salesperson: no, I can handle it,
I was just confused quite a bit…

Just bring me the masks,
Do your duty and task!

She hurry to rescue Matt,
When she arrived she said: This idiotic camp. Wow look at that….

Matt said with pain: mom…the socks can't be took off,
I think I should say a nice goodbye to this life….

Then they heard the house's bell,
Matt's mom rushed out of that hell.

Then a man who wore astronauts' cloth appeared,
'MRS. JO JO, the whole neighborhood is empty, he said...

'Now tell me where is that skunk?
Mrs JO JO pointed out and said: what is that tank?

He said: here your masks, and that tank is for supporting,
I think this skunk came from heaven and it could have wings….

Matt's mom said: yeah you are right, the skunk had wings and set,
Salesperson said with cheer: I have Federal jets..

'Eagle 101, the target ran a way,
You can chase it all day…

Mrs. JO JO said: I only asked masks,
I thought it should be a simple task

She shut the door

At the moment matt said: mom call an ambulance
Mrs JO JO did it at once

TO be continue…….

Well, the comedy poems part
the skunk from no where...
hope you these series of poems
wait for the next parts...
John Brown 16 September 2013

This is one of the strangest poems I have ever read Ellias. I wonder what happens next?

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Alookh (matin) 15 September 2013

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ...............a nice comedy poem...................the same story about my socks! ! ! ! ...... ; D...... liked this one my frnd! ! ... thanx! ! !

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