Skunk From No Where [a Comic Collaboration By Ellias Anderson (Iran) And Bri Edwards (U.S.A) , Poemhunter Members; Somewhat Long; Silly] Poem by Bri Edwards

Skunk From No Where [a Comic Collaboration By Ellias Anderson (Iran) And Bri Edwards (U.S.A) , Poemhunter Members; Somewhat Long; Silly]

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Skunk From No Where

Part 1 (by E.A.)

Matt came home after a 72 hours camp, he was tired, He throw his bag a way, ding...Dang...Dong, felt on the bed

Matt said: mom, what do we have for lunch?
His mom answered: if you won't wash your socks, you will take a punch!

Then her mom picked the phone up,
Dialing a store: can you please bring masks for us? We live on 11 block, on the top

The salesperson asked: oh, I have brought some for your neighbors,
Is any problems occurring there?

Matt mom answered with shame: ah.....think a skunk has attacked,
Now he, oh, I'm sorry IT is at our house back...

At this moment Matt voice spread at the house:
Mom, I think I got a sickness, my socks smells worse that my blouse

Her mom answered with fear, dear, what are you saying I can't hear you,
The salesperson heard their conversation: Mam, who the skunk has attacked to?

Matt's mom wanted to say it's nice, but incorrectly she said ice,
The salesperson answered: wow, I should call the firefighter, they are so wise...

At this moment Matt shout: mom I can't breathe...
She answered: keep it down and talk less!

Then she told the salesperson: no, I can handle it,
I was just confused quite a bit...
Just bring me the masks,
Do your duty and task!

She hurry to rescue Matt,
When she arrived she said: This idiotic camp. Wow look at that....
Matt said with pain: mom...the socks can't be took off, I think I should say a nice goodbye to this life....

Then they heard the house's bell,
Matt's mom rushed out of that hell.
Then a man who wore astronauts' cloth appeared,
'MRS. JO JO, the whole neighborhood is empty, he said...

'Now tell me where is that skunk? Mrs JO JO pointed out and said: what is that tank?
He said: here your masks, and that tank is for supporting, I think this skunk came from heaven and it could have wings....

Matt's mom said: yeah you are right, the skunk had wings and set,
Salesperson said with cheer: I have Federal jets..
'Eagle 101, the target ran a way,

You can chase it all day... Mrs. JO JO said: I only asked masks,
I thought it should be a simple task

She shut the door

At the moment matt said: mom call an ambulance

Part 2 (by E. A.)

The whole city was empty, Matt's face was as blue as sea
And the whole people were at hospital,
These events weren't really logical

A group of armed men were looking for skunk,
They would kill the skunk, this is called sunk

After three hours an ambulance came, Matt's situation was worse but the same
The doctors came in with pincers and masks,
Like the people who have entered the masque

As far as the pincers touched Matt's socks,
Pincers melted, their eyes twirled like the needle's of clocks

One of the doctor's said: the skunk had attacked you before, You have to hide at that moment and you must locked the door! !

Mrs JO.JO said: skunk came from chimney,
the door was locked,
The skunk touch my son's socks,
and now his socks are stocked!

Doctor Newman said: we must help you to breathe,
But if we give you Oxygen, we ourselves will face the death!

Part 3 (by B.E.)

Mrs JO JO begged the doctors to “PLEASE” not let Matt die. [Meanwhile the Iranian Army, aided by U.S. jets, searched the sky....
looking for the “winged-skunk” which, in fact, did not exist.] Finally Dr. Newman called Russia’s Putin, to ask for an assist.

The Russians sent a rescue team, trained at the Chernobyl site.
With every skill and tool they had, .... with the socks they did fight!
For three hours the brave Russians kept at their arduous task, while the doctors watched from afar, ....behind their protective masks.

Finally one, then both socks were removed....from Matt’s poor feet.
They still gave off a horrendous odor plus lots and LOTS of heat.
Technicians drove the socks, in a convoy, to a desert retreat, and carefully buried them under a hundred tons.....of reinforced concrete! !

A new rumor was spread, that Eagle 101 had shot the damn skunk dead.
The Iranian and U.S. forces decided not, on that rumor, to tread.
After ten hours in the air, they finally gave up their search, and most went to give praise to a mosque or church.

The Iranian, U.S., and Russian leaders took what credit they could get.
Dr. Newman and the others took showers, ....after hours of sweat.
The rescue crew was honored in a local parade the next day. Matt and Mrs. JO JO kept quiet; the truth they did not betray.

The salesman got a huge commission.....for all the masks he sold.
The neighbors all returned to their homes, except for a few who were not bold.
The hospital and ambulance service took in a lot of money,
AND Dr. Newman, in a few days, even thought the whole thing was funny.
Matt’s face returned, from blue, to its natural color, tan. Mrs. JO JO opened all the windows wide, and turned on a BIG fan.

Matt finally was breathing normally, and finally got his lunch,
and from his mom, who’d been deathly worried, he got a big hug, NOT a punch.

(April 2014)

my ph friend ellias asked me if i would be interested in working (playing) with him in writing a poem. i think [i KNOW] he did a great job. and so i 'HAD' to do a great job also! ! we decided to leave his english as he wrote it, even though english is not his 'first' language.
i (B.E.) had some trouble transferring the parts of the poem to PoemHunter. hopefully the way the stanzas are arranged is close enough to how ellias (and i) had them. i had to do a lot of rearranging (spacing etc) after i submitted the poem, because i think some 'bug' pushed things together on me! ! ! !

ok! NOW i've edited to correct what the bug did, and NOW i've found that the bug rearranged some of my stanzas so the rhyme-ending lines are not rhyme-ending! ! ! ! give me a break. well, what do you want for a site as good (usually) as this one, which does not charge a fee to join or participate! ?

ok! ! now i've edited E.A.'s stanzas again to make the ends of more lines show the rhyming. i hope i have done it pretty closely to how ellias originally wrote it.
:) bri

i also added the word 'reinforced' after first submitting the poem.

we may write more comic poems about the same family; that is the plan.
Mj Lemon 22 November 2018

A skunk that gets around...This is really creative, and parts had me laughing. I'm on the West coast, and do understand what having a skunk grace your activities can mean...Would an east coast rendering observe....'There once was a skunk from....' Congratulations to all the writers.

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Loke Kok Yee 17 January 2018

When I was halfway through, I needed an oxygen mask For reading your long write was indeed, a daunting task Long before the end, I had forgotten what was the start But I will have to admit, maybe I just ain't too smart Thanks Bri, I am still reading.

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