Why I Am Not A Christian

About a decade had passed
Bertrand Russell had written
Why I Am Not a Christian
In 1957

It was an Essay
An effort to perform or attempt
A French Word
In writing

East Land

April is the cruellest month,
Infalliably all the 12 months.
Traditionally demise, spritually feeble,
Materially firm and culturally parched.

Morning dark, night bright,
droughts, storms, muddle in monsoon.
Legendary roots got detached,
Forming a new trend of hybridism.

World As Family

“Vasudhev katumkam”
On this concept world keeps mum
Its broad meaning of world as one
Who can deny it ………….?

Whole world is my family“
Does this word seem silly?
It may not realize it early
Everybody must think it honestly

(074) My Mother-Tongue Malayalam

Between the dents of globalization,
Every local language faces extinction
My mother-tongue is
My real mother
Her name is wonderful
You read it from eitherside,
She is the same
People call it spoonerism
I love to call it wonder

(202) Waxing Materialism And Waning Spirituality (Oneryu)


'Dying And Living-Cost Free'

esspeecee // 20/08/03.

# Consumerism!
Globalization! !
World and woods of
Competition? !

# To-

(156) Path, Shortest, To Poverty (Oneryu)


Give Love A Chance

esspeecee ….21.08.09.

‘Give Love a chance.’

Delusion are

Turn World Into Beautiful Paradise!

Like infectious virus, terrorism is spread by religious bigots in the world;
Corona pandemic is spread all over the world by globalization of economy;
Coupled with that, pollution of air, water and environment has triggered disasters;
All these things point out to man made mistakes needing to be rectified soon!

Jingoistic jokers are the latest terrorist elements attracting the attention of all;
Unless they are dealt with in the bud itself, terrorism will spread in full;
Religious bigots of all kinds are not representatives of God to dictate mankind;

Wonder World Of Love - Wael Moreicheh


ACHILLES IN HIS HOME waiting for his Fuhrer Agamemnon

But the sound of Minerva and the sound of Ulysses

Globalization talks to it self


(054) Every Grain Is A Dropp Of Tear

Every grain you eat
Is a grain of tear
And you offer
Bullets in return…

Every dropp of oil
Your gas-guzzlers guzzle
Is blood mixed with tears
And you shower

(231) Death-Knell Of Culture And Humanity (Oneryu)


(036) Red Ribbon Express

‘Red Ribbon Express’
Will reach Cochin tomorrow
Flagged off on December 1st 2007,
She is running very fast
Through the villages and cities,
Takes halt for exhibitions
For making people
More and more aware of AIDS
God knows, when will
She stop running…

Yodeling Fool

I often dreamt of Swiss chocolate raining down
From the heavens above
And quaint Swiss clocks ticking accurately,
Making our messy little lives more precise,
And plump Swiss cows decked with wreaths of daisies
And tinkling bells, gracing our sun-parched meadows,
Forcing all those scraggy little goats
Into an early retirement, for the sake of a more
Postcard-perfect touch on our drab countryside.
Switzerland! Oh blessed piece of paradise

(100) Hitler And Globalization

HITLER said:
Peasant is the asset of nation,
Not industrialization...

Globalized modern democracy says:
Peasant is the burden of nation,
So cut down all subsidies...

Tell me who is more humane?

Bewails A Hail

UP, UP the Adultery; for, the rest shudders
in the forests of Parliamentary India,
adults' ration: in adulteration!
Inflation: viral inflammation
on Economic system -a comic scene!
A Globe in hand can justify all unjust
morbid globalization patriotic.
Some came to India via the West
To set their flags on tree tops and roar
Against the rats creeping under shade.

Sit Down To The Sea

The time and the wave are roaring …….and the time
Extends as a coast of myth fog
As bodies of the cunning sessions
As the bodies of the days dumped onto orthogonal to the city and the sea
The time crying in the faces that burned with the suns of machines
Crazy April winds
Wheels.. Shops windows in the al-Aramla station,
Vapors of globalization
And its promiscuous obscene smiles
The time and the wave are roaring …….......... And

Reasonable Representation

It is not the quantity of members
But the quality to remember
Its presentation
With real revelation

It is not the natural object
But readers manner with acts
Their realization
And need for globalization

G R E A Tu P H E A V A L C O V I D- 19

Gains of a few from globalization,
Sponsored with selfish motivations,
Spiced n sweetened with liberalization.

Prosperity with speed ultrasonic,
Blossoms gained, thus, economic,
Torpedoed now by Covid pandemic.

Fatal jolt it gave to humanity,
Realization then dawned of mysteries,

Building A Fortress In The Sand

The onset of fooling yourself in being overly important
is a source of irrationality instead of insolence.
With a touch of boredom the imagination can run wild
opening new boulevards of thought for an informant.
Whispering his pipe dreams into the upper echelons'
ears who were impressed with the likelihood of resistance.
Writing a horror scenario to panic the dauntless child
as he hollers through a tin drum which he plays upon.
Yankee Doodle he whistles to render the enemy discordant
while planning on defying the principals of coexistence.