Bewails A Hail Poem by N N P Parameswaran Nasarudheen

Bewails A Hail

UP, UP the Adultery; for, the rest shudders
in the forests of Parliamentary India,
adults' ration: in adulteration!
Inflation: viral inflammation
on Economic system -a comic scene!
A Globe in hand can justify all unjust
morbid globalization patriotic.
Some came to India via the West
To set their flags on tree tops and roar
Against the rats creeping under shade.
Kasthuri Madhavam a new Ballet
Scripted to please UNESCO presents
Scenes that make people terrorized.
Bishop of Thamarassery equates tension
with that of Naxals elsewhere in ESA
Firy words with Spiritual flames sure
will flame the aspirations of people
for spiritual and material liberations.
If cries from the streets are not heard
the A/C rooms will appear glass rooms
not safe rooms for gold and Capital.
Ballots never be shattered by bullets
Violet ink shall never turn red in blood.
Love the poor brothers than money
and awards; that will ever bring honey.

Payal Parande 20 December 2013

a poet is one who give life to the words, a poet is a mother who nourish and raise his/her words and create a new life which bring change in the human mind.. brilliant sir bravo

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Babatunde Aremu 11 December 2013

You succeeded in bringing out societal woes in this poem. Kudos! Read my poem: Politicians

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Valsa George 11 December 2013

Love the poor brothers than money and awards; that will ever bring honey ...... if the world had realized that love of one's brethren is more important than riches and popularity! ! A powerful write! !

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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 07 December 2013

yeah, this is awesome i love the way you write it, express it thanks for sharing this great poem sir

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 28 November 2013

A fantastic sarcastic poem. Politics gave u poetic metaphorical muse which makes the poem commendable.

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