Yodeling Fool Poem by Rod M.Peters

Yodeling Fool

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I often dreamt of Swiss chocolate raining down
From the heavens above
And quaint Swiss clocks ticking accurately,
Making our messy little lives more precise,
And plump Swiss cows decked with wreaths of daisies
And tinkling bells, gracing our sun-parched meadows,
Forcing all those scraggy little goats
Into an early retirement, for the sake of a more
Postcard-perfect touch on our drab countryside.
Switzerland! Oh blessed piece of paradise
Transplanted to our bleak earth!
With ruddy yodelers showing us the way
To a higher form of communication!
Oh I yodel in praise of Switzerland:
‘Yodel-ay, yodel-oo, yodel-ay-hee-hoo! '
Little wonder I tired of those bleak, unSwiss-like lands
Sold all my possessions and,
Deeming myself computer-savvy enough,
Got me my tickets online and moved to Switzerland,
And though the heat was unbearable
And the din of distant tribal drums a bit unsettling
I plucked up courage and fresh upon arrival
Put on my knee-length leather breeches
And Tyrolean hat and climbed to the highest peak,
There to yodel to my heart's content:
‘Yodel-ay, yodel-oo, yodel-ay-hee-hoo! '
Long did I yodel, yes, but strangely enough,
No reply did I receive. I wondered:
‘Perhaps all yodelers are off to their coffee break? ',
So I asked a passing Bedouin:
‘My good man, why the scarcity of yodelers?
Surely in spite of globalization having messed
Things up and watered down ‘local color' everywhere
There's bound to be some still left here? '
And the tall, unwashed nomad, who turned out
Quite illustrated for your average tourist
Looked me up a bit baffled but composed
And replied:
‘Not as many as you would think,
Globalization being a factor indeed, but
Mainly because, you see,
We're in Swaziland here'.

Dedicated to fellow poets Stu Munro and Bri Edwards: their fantastic sense of humour inspired this one.
Tom Allport 09 May 2017

a poem full of harmless fun of a land with mountains to spare? but yodeling? I don't think so it just wouldn't be fair on the inhabitants of the neighbouring countries! ......................well penned.

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Rod Mendieta 09 May 2017

Thanks Tom. Thought I'd lighten up a bit after a slew of serious poems. All kidding aside, the idea of hardy mountain folk saying 'hello' across huge mountains with the power of their lungs only always appeared as quite original to me. Now people don't bother, they just send a whatsapp.

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Bri Edwards 23 April 2017

up tlll and concluding with heart's content: i plan to put this into our/my May showcase. if you don't wish it to be shortened [indicating however that i have left off the ending] let me know and i'll find a smaller one of your poems to replace this one. hee-hee. someone should like the first 25 or so lines to look up the rest! or maybe not; people are so LAZY sometimes! including me. to MyPoemList (in its entirety!) . and i read your response to my earlier comment. :) bri :) thanks.

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Rod Mendieta 24 April 2017

Bri: please be my guest! Only please mention you're featuring it in partial form and readers who want to read it full are invited to go to my page. Once again and all kidding aside, your selection is like a badge of honour since I really value the overall quality of your Showcase.

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Tom Billsborough 19 April 2017

Switzerland is a country I've passed through many times en route to the Austrian Tirol, but never stayed there. It was too expensive for us in our student days! Love the idea of the Yodelling and the brilliant twist at the end! Yes, Rod, this is a very entertaining piece. It's about time Bri Edwards had a serious (if that is the correct word) rival! Don't know Stu's work but I'll have a good peep there soon! Do some more, please.

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Rod Mendieta 19 April 2017

Glad you had a little fun there, Tom. Check out Stu's 'Footballs...' poem: it actually made m laugh a hearty laugh.

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Annette Aitken 18 April 2017

Loving the humour on this one and you see you have dedicated it to my two pals lol they get everywhere. happy to have you on my radar now. Annette

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Rod Mendieta 18 April 2017

Hope it lightened up your day a bit! So glad you had a llittle fun there, Annette, that being the main purpose! Cheers!

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