Building A Fortress In The Sand Poem by Paul Amrod

Building A Fortress In The Sand

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The onset of fooling yourself in being overly important
is a source of irrationality instead of insolence.
With a touch of boredom the imagination can run wild
opening new boulevards of thought for an informant.
Whispering his pipe dreams into the upper echelons'
ears who were impressed with the likelihood of resistance.
Writing a horror scenario to panic the dauntless child
as he hollers through a tin drum which he plays upon.
Yankee Doodle he whistles to render the enemy discordant
while planning on defying the principals of coexistence.
Irking anger while destroying the dignity of this marathon.
Needling the bystanders with confusion while they smiled
a cynic grin becoming the epitome of delusion and stoically mordant.
In their laboratories of Faust the procedure was purposely hidden
to unleash the beasts of burden while Victor conjured their nonexistence.
Developing a secret enemy as we send the headless horsemen ridden
by a scandalous conscious through the trenches of intolerance.
On the outskirts of civilization a cowboy plays with torture dissonant
toward his comrades wearing flannel attire with no reason given.
Stirring hatred where it shall be bred inciting an incredibly arrogant
attitude fooling them to suicide in the name of God unreconciled.
Sharing confidentially the method of their madness they dance
in circles pulling the strings of the marionettes as they play independent.
Directionless with a system of globalization they gleam into the phenomenon
of a game of chess with no end in sight designing their thirty-year war.
Gloating hills of weaponry given to a frustrated band of renegades
Peace was a concept with a choir of flower children now dispersed and ignored
Blaring the blues of Hendrix through a bullhorn criticizing the establishment
Nonetheless the petroleum is disappearing with this final glutinous parade
with a false flag flying and a script poorly disguised as the masses pay allegiance.
Whipped and plundered are the ancient cultures where the big brother implores
his lost friends to linger in the dusty desert for the next absurd charade.
Heed the times when the lies come to light and arrives the final day of judgement
The fortress will be washed away and the flowers begin to bloom galore
amidst the Paradise of life where death comes to Conquistador for his last crusade.

Kim Barney 16 December 2015

A daunting task it seems to tackle a poem with so many words, but well worth the time. Thanks for sharing.

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Paul Amrod 03 March 2016

Sorry that I was a bit intellectual about this poem but otherwise these idiots will go on!

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Ratnakar Mandlik 08 December 2015

Dear friend, rectified the omission. Thanks. Ratnakar Mandlik.

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Paul Amrod 10 December 2015

Hi Ratnakar I have been by your wonderful poems and will return again. Greetings, Paul

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Ratnakar Mandlik 08 December 2015

A marvelous soliloquy. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.10 points.

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Paul Amrod 08 December 2015

Hi Ratnakar, Thank you kindly for your wonderful compliment! Greetings, Paul

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Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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