(054) Every Grain Is A Dropp Of Tear Poem by premji premji

(054) Every Grain Is A Dropp Of Tear

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Every grain you eat
Is a grain of tear
And you offer
Bullets in return…

Every dropp of oil
Your gas-guzzlers guzzle
Is blood mixed with tears
And you shower
Cluster bombs in return…

Here in Bharat (India) ,
800 millions have
An average income of
Half a dollar daily!
And among those,
200 millions have
An average income of
One fifth of a dollar!

And these people are
Eating too much!
(Caused hike of food prices in US!)
What an extraordinary finding of
George Bush!
Sure, he has thorn bush
Inside his skull!
Sad, it’s the joke of the year!

An average American eats
Six fold of an Indian!
Alas! He is interested for
More subsidies to grow
Corn for bio-diesel…
If Americans don’t care for
Their own food security,
Then why should we
Worry for them
When our farmers commit

Dear Bush,
Globalization is a double edged blade
Just see, how it rips your flesh!
How can a man, blood thirsty,
Like you, understand the pain of
A poor farmer from third world?
We know: you are a prisoner of
Huge ruthless corporates…
That makes you resemble
An old evil crooked fox

And your slaves here are
Very very desperate
To sign the civilian nuclear deal
With lot of things hidden!

Why should they look into
The hunger of majority
As it is also nuclear:
Their half life period
Will be reduced to
One fourth…
So what?

Rulers alone should be
Benefited, whether
Black or white…
Sovereignty is pawned or not
Not a serious matter to bother…
This is the pseudo- face of democracy!
Am I correct, former IMF-wallah?


Pandian Angelina 29 May 2009

Autocratic attitude of American Politicians Who talk no sense or nonsense - Well Sketched, the plight of our Farmers Who die because of the callousness Of our own tribe of polititions. It is politicains who paint others black Thereby trying to show they are white! Powerful and awakening poem Wonderfully written, Prem! It's you We are talking about. Angel

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Rakhi Jayashankar 04 October 2008

excellent thought bt i think you would have included sme more poetic element in this still the theme is so relevant and well presented that u deserve a 10 for the thought

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Rema Prasanna 12 July 2008

In India income is not distributed uniformly.. the line of poverty and the line of rich a real unmeasurable line.. Rich are so rich and poor a begger.. The new found richness of a group I can say10% along with Information Technology boom initaied a new life style....Overall financial status of middle class improved.. a study shows 58 Crores worth of food stuff is wasted in India in a year and if it is utilised in a proper manner enough to feed the whole of India.. Political arguments and cross fires stand apart from the actual problem we face in our country. India has resources but not utilised or distributed in a proper manner.. I can understand your feelings for the poor in India, they need to be educated and made aware of the facts... Indian political system to be blamed partially for the crisis. Politicians speak for power and do a lot of gimmicks.. poor are the sufferers.. You expressed your feelings well in this one Rema

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Mamta Agarwal 10 July 2008

your outrage and passionate outpouring on the latest subjects of debate is thought provoking and fascinating.

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