World As Family Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

World As Family

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“Vasudhev katumkam”
On this concept world keeps mum
Its broad meaning of world as one
Who can deny it ………….?

Whole world is my family“
Does this word seem silly?
It may not realize it early
Everybody must think it honestly

It is not dreamt with blurred vision
World at large may benefit from its conversion
It is not mere a concept of globalization
In broad term it is thought rationalization

Why is it necessary to talk about world order?
Where we can dream of no barrier or border
What an unarmed movement of people can alter?
Will it not alleviate the sufferings of the poor|?

Think of people exchanging simple hello
World may not seem to them as hollow
If they share happiness, joy and grief
World may remain so large and need no brief

Colour, cast. Creed and jealousy may disappear
People may come closer and agony bear
Love, peace, harmony may be seen and heard
Open blue sky with freedom as birds

Let there be flow of clean air
No discrimination and treatment fair
Humanity at large may mushroom and grow
Friendship River may wash the bank and flow

It is not holistic ideas but an eventual reality
We may not realize its importance and futility
If this can be made as virtual possibility
World may not shirk fast as probability

Let us resolve and think of it as noble view
Sit together and make realistic review
We may not have time to watch our action
Humanity may suffer on account of reaction

God sent us in complete free world
As an infant we did not witness hot or cold
We believed what we were made to observe
Should we not expect better world and deserve?

Richard Hexem 12 June 2010

I have read several of your poems. You are very good.

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This is certainly my ideal too and the ultimate goal for all human beings. Your opening stanza reflects this so well. God Bless you for this worthy poem. 10

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Ramesh T A 11 November 2009

Ultimately one world family is the best solution for all problems! This is my dream and message to the world through my writings since 37 years! Best message I hear from another poet here!

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