' Honesty' Of Flowers

Flowers, We…
The faithful wife of poets
The call girls of beetles
The adopted children of gardeners
Sometimes we are used in celebrations
And in the event of homage, given too
Sometimes we commence love affairs
And travel on the bouquet of brides
Sometime as demand dowry in temples
And to glorify the checks of Gods


Honour is most import in society
One ought to posses honesty and humanity
No one should be behaved dishonestly
Ego and egoism are disappeared in honesty
Superior qualities are developed here
Through honesty we can make a peaceful world
Young to old, people must posses this.


All I ask from you is honesty
Through time and event this will
help our love grow Honesty brings forth the special glow
With honesty you have everything
we need
Honesty is like planting a seed And when it begins to grow
My love for you will also

In All Honesty

In all honesty
today has been
something out of the ordinary.

In all honesty
I could do with some christmas carols
and a mug of hot chocolate.

In all honesty
walking on the road without a sidewalk

Honesty Is But Fiction

These days the world is a place so cold
I wear a genuine smile as a lie's being told
That I assume is the truth, very deeply in my heart
but then there's a doubt that starts.
The man says that he is going through
and needs some help, by means of cash.
I look at him sideways, I don't want to be cross
but I'm not sure what his intentions are.
So I ask out of curiousity what it is he will do
with the money that I put in his hands

For Honesty’s Sake

you have to know,
it’s too good to be true
you must know,
it’s too good to be true—
just in case
you didn’t know
that it’s too good to be
I’m telling you.


I believe in wisdom.
I believe in the beauty of a starlit sky.
I believe in promises kept.
I believe that America, truly is
the land of opportunity.

I do not believe, that most dreams come true.
I do believe, that dreams can lead one
to the path, of ones inner desires.

For Honesty And Honor

For honesty and honor
Monday,25th February 2019

ladies are always soft-spoken
make us believe in heaven
always remain cautiously driven
and create better condition even

what goes in their favor?
shyness and not die-hard nature



Oh Lord, you don't know
something happened here
not for the good, I'm sure
why don't you say anything?
oh Lord, there is something misses

People, always thinking of their truth

Sincerity, Honesty And Truthfulness

Sincerity, Honesty and Truthfulness
are three aspects of life,
are the backbone of life
dispensing with these three aspects
life is futile, of no use
dispensing with these three aspects
prospects of life can not be imagined
supreme abode is far away
but, Sincerity, Honesty and Truthfulness
are the initial step of any life

Honesty Among Equals

To be honest
With my true self
And with your self
Every day

To see into your soul
And find such great beauty
That touches every heart
And cries out for much more

Honesty Doesn'T Belong

Honesty doesn't belong to rich
It is not beyond anybody's reach
It is easy to profess and preach
But we always defy rules and breach

Neither can it be expected from everyone
Not can it be taken for granted from someone
No one knows when someone may stab from the back
It happens many times when something big is at the stake


the only honesty
i ever saw
was a blind man
giving the finger
to the sky

Honesty Forgiven

If we live
honestly in the moment
all truths will be forgiven.


Telling the truth is important in life

In being honest

When we are honest, we feel good

You will be happier with yourself

Others will appreciate your straightforwardness

Yoga 10 - Honesty & Contentment

A Yogic aspirant,
Through constant perseverance,
Having firmly established
The sublime virtue of
Honesty and contentment,
Gains the good luck of
All lustrous gems falling at his feet!
Does this mean that precious stones like
Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires
Are showered around such a virtuous person?


Honesty, nest, hoe, hoes, so, toy, toys, on, one, tone, yes!
With your works,
With your words,
With your beauty;
Love! !
Let the truth bath you always;
To live in peace with your neighbours,
Like one clothed with a white garment down to the feet,
Teaching the ways of peace and joy!
With humility and glory.

Honesty Is A Great Virtue

It can be tempting
to be a little dishonest
in order to gain a profit.
If you value wisdom
and integrity,
your honesty
won't go unnoticed.

"A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is his delight." — From the ‚Book of Proverbs 11: 1, in the Holy Bible


Thousands of thousands people
Among the thousands of rows
Waiting for the entry to the show
Of blitz, glamour and corruption.

The first rows are for the VIPs
The middle ones are for the sycophants
As I am neither of them
So my row is the last one.

With Honesty And Care

With honesty and care

I promise no such things
As it will make me to miss something
A thing of joy
The fact I should not deny

So ask something unique
Which is due?
From me if not done so far