137. How I Would Describe Me Poem by Jaden Knight

137. How I Would Describe Me

Rating: 4.8

People often say to me
“What can you tell me about yourself”
guess it’s my duty to explain to them
and so I look them in the face and reply

My eyes are deep like two tiny oceans
just be careful you don’t drown in them
you’ll never reach the bottom
and there’s not a beach in sight

My arms and legs are a library
ruined by several scars
each one tells its own story
of how it came to be
but none can be bothered to read it

My mind is a battle field
full of the tangled wreckage of ancient conflicts
parts of it are like covered with mines
each one a painful memory
every now and then a fresh war will start
bringing new carnage and suffering
the remains they leave are left to rot in the sun
only to be consigned to the past

My personality is a broadsword
razor sharp and straight to the point
it only can be wielded by me
the blade is often glowing
letting you know how genuine I am

My honesty is a radiant beacon
shining like a miniature sun
it helps my truth stay pure through this life
never dimming or even going out

My truth is a shotgun
let me give you both barrels
a useful weapon in this life of deception
because I have no space for lies or cheating
no bull trash will ever stand in for it

My patience is a tranquil lake
surrounded by many beautiful trees
every tree is in full bloom in a variety of colours
yet when the leaves and petals fall
they make not even a ripple on the water
there's always time in this peaceful place
and none of it can be wasted by those who deserve it

Yet my temper is a volcano
often smoking as a warning to others
sometimes it will blow its top for a while
but its often short lived unless the lava runs
in which case be somewhere else

My happiness is a meadow on a summer’s day
full of millions of flowers
each one living in harmony
the stems bowing slightly in the gentle breeze

My love is like a huge blanket
soft and comforting to those who feel it
let me wrap it round your shoulders
and it will keep you safe and warm

My loyalty is a lovable dog
always faithful always there
as long as you stay true it'll love you
but it will turn on you if you abuse it

I have described myself as best I can
now you know a little about me
it’s time for the favour to be returned
what will you tell me about you

This was written on my 30th birthday (11th April 2014) . The first ever poem written by me on my birthday.
Daniel Brick 20 January 2015

This is a brilliant poem! It succeeds as a vivid figurative and original portrait, admirable for the craft of poetry writing you display as well as the honest thorough disclosure of self. I challenged with the idea of a poem which both celebrates but also reveals its dangers - But that would produce a dissatisfying hybrid poem - B-U-T here you succeeded in portraying the multiplicities that make up Y-O-U. And there's even a stanza that echoes INTERNAL WARFARE, with considerable power. This whole poem is a model for its kind - the Self-portrait has been well served. It's a keeper for sure. Add it to the library of that impersonal creator-god in your FUTURE HISTORY poem so people can understand both the external and internal worlds of our human experience.

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Daniel Brick 20 January 2015

Something crucial got erased from my comment on HOW I WOULD DESCRIBE MYSELF, the second sentence should read - In my comments on your SPRING POEM I challenged you with the idea etc.

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John Richter 02 March 2015

Very metaphorical... like mines laid in parts of your mind tells me that you have a lot of hot buttons. Shotguns, battle fields, billowing volcanoes, and oceans to drown in - all things that you could project onto others. I find those parts of the poem rather sinister - TMI - if you know what I mean. But maybe I'm not seeing the larger metaphor. Is this poem - in entirety - something metaphorically different than a description of yourself? Having been written on your 30th birthday is relevant to that metaphor? With the arms and legs of scars to read - a library that others can not be bothered to read - I think you feel it necessary for others to know your temperament. But I disagree with your 'guess' in line 3 that you must explain yourself - you have no duty to explain yourself to others. I would try adding rhyme to this poem.

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Gergana Teofilova 11 May 2014

This is simply wonderful...So much beauty is there in these words...I wish more people would think of themselves this way. An exquisite piece! Keep it up!

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Nancy Oyula 15 September 2014

Describing oneself to others has always been a task for me. Like I lack words completely LOL. On your piece, I sure love how you've illustrated. Nice one, John: -)

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Mahtab Bangalee 25 March 2020

it's great thought about thy self and the inner self // great writing on birthday of your true self

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Sylvia Frances Chan 25 March 2020

I like best the sixth stanza: I cite here: My honesty is a radiant beacon shining like a miniature sun it helps my truth stay pure through this life never dimming or even going out......................Most beautiful and very sportive poem about the self. I like to read the whole poem very oftentimes.I must say this is an excellent poem. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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Chinedu Dike 17 June 2018

Witty introspective poem written with clarity of thought and mind. A beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing John and do remain enriched.

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Edward Kofi Louis 18 April 2016

My loyalty is a lovable dog. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Shahin Latif 30 November 2015

Wow! Excellent poem. I wish your success. Thanks a lot dearest poet John Westlake. Be well always.

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