What Is Music To You?

Music is freedom that relentlessly exists
Freedom of speech
Freedom of thought
Freedom of creativity
Freedom of imagination

Music is ever soothingly healing
A bombardment of on-going expression of feelings
Music is a tool of unity
Always bringing people together as family

An Ocean Within (A Poem For My Father, Poet Naseer Ahmed Nasir)

Flourishing on
Natural contours of land,
Variegating with rainbows,
A continuous river
Flows into his own depths,
An ocean within.
This wordsmith, creator
Of enduring friendship
Throughout the seasons
With insects and birds,

' Black Autumn { For My Silent Mentor Edgar Allan Poe}...

Comes the cold, black, Death of Autumn,
harbouring its' pique on naked limb;
stirring damp, feral winds
to the hawking, stalking,
insidious squawking...
of ominous, petulant birds,
large, pestilent birds,
inexorabally, ever circling
'neath the late day shadows
from a cold november sun.

Divine Family

Family is a familiar word, everybody does know,
It is a set of relation, can you say no?
The set is just combination of children and parent,
There members of households and relatives are inherent.

It means to group of person closely related by blood,
It includes parents, children, uncle and aunts in one clod.
Family also means to group of things those are alike,
It is too all the descendants of one lineage like.

A Special Relationship

You are my creator
My mentor, my teacher,
You are the guiding force of my life
Who always help me in times of strife.

I know you are and will always be
by my side,
You are someone above God
And these words I shall always abide.

A Drinking Song

Come, brothers, share the fellowship
We celebrate to-night;
There's grace of song on every lip
And every heart is light!
But first, before our mentor chimes
The hour of jubilee,
Let's drink a health to good old times,
And good times yet to be!
Clink, clink, clink!
Merrily let us drink!

Hooch Tragedy

Descendence of night with alarming sound,
Cries all over in streets and round,
Final calls buzz all around,
Relatives break their head on ground,

Somebody lost son and bread winner,
All curse for guilty and cry inner,
No blessings for wrong doers and sinner,
Air too becomes slow and thinner,

! The Frog Prince

As I was walking through the wood
One warm and sunny summer day,
I chanced upon a lovely sight
A swirl of butterflies in flight;

Urged on by curiosity,
I followed down the path they flew
And tumbled through a hidden door
Beneath the leafy woodland floor;

A Forsaken Text

O lamb of gleaming richness!
listen to firefly’s happiness
it moves the audience
to reject unbalance

O mentor of enchanting kindness!
sense dialog of waves
it lure stoned heart
to rejuvenate


A woman
who loves a woman
is forever young.
The mentor
and the student
feed off each other.
Many a girl
had an old aunt
who locked her in the study
to keep the boys away.

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage: A Romaunt. Canto Ii.

Come, blue-eyed maid of heaven!-but thou, alas!
Didst never yet one mortal song inspire-
Goddess of Wisdom! here thy temple was,
And is, despite of war and wasting fire,
And years, that bade thy worship to expire:
But worse than steel, and flame, and ages slow,
Is the dread sceptre and dominion dire
Of men who never felt the sacred glow
That thoughts of thee and thine on polish'd breasts bestow.

Attention To Titles Of Honour (Part-10)

Dear beloved poets and dear visitors,
You pay your ever shining attention,
The tenth list of titles of honour,
Here we release with enthusiasm
Through this poem of notification,
Assessment is done basing on truth,
We find unique beauty in every person,
Each poet is special and we adore.

We offer a title of honour to poetess

The Odyssey


Tell me, O muse, of that ingenious hero who travelled far and wide
after he had sacked the famous town of Troy. Many cities did he visit,
and many were the nations with whose manners and customs he was
acquainted; moreover he suffered much by sea while trying to save
his own life and bring his men safely home; but do what he might he
could not save his men, for they perished through their own sheer
folly in eating the cattle of the Sun-god Hyperion; so the god

A Poem By My Son

There is nothing,
Like being a FRIEND.
There is nothing,
Like being a WELL WISHER.
There is nothing,
Like being a GUIDE.
There is nothing,
Like being a MENTOR.
There is nothing,
Like being a PILLAR of STRENGTH.

I Am A Flower Of Fragrance

I am a soul I am conscious power,
At each time I can reach top tower.
I know I am sent by God to bloom,
I am light ray I can break the gloom.

Whom we say father is our creator,
He is aviator and he is true mentor.
He teaches me and also you lesson,
With him we have nice new session.

Opening The Door Of Heart

I am opening the door of my heart
As East opens during dawn sings
With colours of golden red rays
I am sprinkling my each beat ever.

As dawn opens path for sunrise
I open my heart for your arrival
I am an open sky now you are sun
Oh dear mentor you rise in my mind.

Guess Who

he is the inspiration
to my every creation
Concerning my life and education
he helps me move every cloud
that stands in my way
telling me how proud
of me, he is every day
clouds! i have no more
preventing me from flying
thanks to my mentor

* Mentor, Molder, Educator

dedicated to all teachers by profession

as Mentor
let the mentor gives an advice
full of concern with values likewise
shows counsel as a noblest teacher
who design youth's future
full of love valor and vigor

as Molder

The Moral

You mustn't groom an Arab with a file.
You hadn't ought to tension-spring a mule.
You couldn't push a brumby fifty mile
And drop him in a boiler-shed to cool.
I'll sling you through six counties in a day.
I'll hike you up a grade of one in ten.
I am Duty, Law and Order under way,
I'm the Mentor of banana-fingered men!
I will make you I know your left hand from your right.
I will teach you not to drink about your biz.

A Teacher- ('Guru')

Teachers are always a venerable sort,
Happy that I belong to that ‘special’ lot,
Instilling in young ones -
newer insights gleaned,
Enriching their lives -
with atoms of knowledge pooled,
Brightening their paths -
with millions of lanterns lit,
Rowing them away -
from the perilous shoals of life,