A Special Relationship Poem by Kavya .

A Special Relationship

Rating: 4.2

You are my creator
My mentor, my teacher,
You are the guiding force of my life
Who always help me in times of strife.

I know you are and will always be
by my side,
You are someone above God
And these words I shall always abide.

I saw the world with your eyes
With your help was able to differentiate the good and the bad;
Whenever I went wrong, you corrected me and yelled at me
The privilege which every mom has on her lad.

Yes friends, she is none other than my Mom
A wonderful creation of Almighty,
As God cannot be everywhere
She is the replacement of this holy deity.

Mom, you are the epitome of my existence
The reason for my subsistence,
Howsoever I describe you, I know my words will always fall short
As a mom-child relationship is of that special sort!

Thank you Mom for everything. Love you lots.

Nobody can do anything more than a mother, whoevr he or she be! A very heart-touching poem..Good!

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Valsa George 13 March 2013

Indeed it is a special relationship which cannot be replaced with any other relationship! You are fortunate to enjoy her love now! We who have lost our mothers still live in the memory of that love! I am sure this dedication must have immensely pleased your mom! ! Enjoyed reading it Kavya! I invite you to read two of my poems on my mother- 'Drop of a Feather' and My Mother

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Anoop Nair 14 March 2013

Nice poem.I enjoyed it

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Vishal Sharma 14 March 2013

so true and passonate to read....well done..u a real poetess..hats off

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Neethu Prasanna 16 March 2013

Very nice indeed. That relationship is a treasure. Guard it!

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Maria Mitea 25 May 2022

What a beautiful poem U, straight from the heart! Blessings!

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Beautiful beautiful. Made a revisit today and enjoyed it more

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Dr Dillip K Swain 10 December 2021

A wonderful poem on special relationship. Loved your lucid expression....5 stars

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Kavya 04 April 2018

U are my heart

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Siddartha Montik 02 February 2017

what nice more words can be like this to a mentor and especially. a mother.! ! thank you for sharingpoet.! ! - Siddartha! !

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