* Mentor, Molder, Educator Poem by Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

* Mentor, Molder, Educator

Rating: 4.4

dedicated to all teachers by profession

as Mentor
let the mentor gives an advice
full of concern with values likewise
shows counsel as a noblest teacher
who design youth's future
full of love valor and vigor

as Molder
let the teacher molds children's wit
making him an instrument in harnessing intellect
developing the innocent with word of respect
motivating and molding future's best
on gaining knowledge kit

as Educator
an educator, the teacher is
who heals ignorance which people faced
in his hands lie great opportunities
of ambitious youth heading
towards dreamway

no brilliant lawyer without a patient teacher
nor comes a great doctor
without an intelligent educator

let us honor and exalt such effort then
let us pray God shall bless all of them

Prince Obed de la Cruz 30 December 2009

oh this one is good! , , , , , like it

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Susan Aparejo 31 July 2009

thanking you for appreciating the effort of a molder, teacher and educator. How many people realize the value of the heroic deed of a teacher? Hope there are many of you in the world. However, I cant blame some who ignore the noblest work we have done. Not all teachers are best for some students. As you comment my poem ' Hero in the Classroom' saying that you feel jealous of the time your mother gives to other not her blood, I feel guilty too for my only son. I thought I can mold children but not my son! ...I failed! But its not yet late. Thanks for everything.

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Apurva Rao 09 June 2009

oh....it really a grt work man..............ur poem shows a feeling andthat feeling shows gratitude............

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Elvira Marchan 26 April 2009

WE all thanks to our dear teachers who labor much for us for our education....

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Janell Cressman 17 April 2009

that is a really nice poem! I like the thought behind it and the feelings of gratitude though out the poem! !

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Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

a.k.a. Jetfellow Marchanism
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