An Ocean Within (A Poem For My Father, Poet Naseer Ahmed Nasir) Poem by Sameer Ahmed

An Ocean Within (A Poem For My Father, Poet Naseer Ahmed Nasir)

Rating: 4.8

Flourishing on
Natural contours of land,
Variegating with rainbows,
A continuous river
Flows into his own depths,
An ocean within.
This wordsmith, creator
Of enduring friendship
Throughout the seasons
With insects and birds,
Foliage and flowers, his co-creators
Famed among the constellations.
He - an Alpha Arietis - shines
With his art, evergreen.

Nostalgic melodies
Moisten his eyes.
The smile of a child
Makes him burst into laughter.
He soaks up
The sorrows unsaid
And faces unread.
A self-contained emotinal being.
He puts his signature
On the tablet of wind
Whispering through apertures
Of doors, of cores.
Spreading the magic of affection,
Erasing hatreds from
The slates of mind
And healing wounds
With his balmy libretto,
He consoles the heart.

Though a maverick in
The herds of social climbers,
His deep silence evokes
Wise thoughts.
A translucent rain
Wiping the mist of pain,
He grows
The creepers of camaraderie
In his poetry yards.

His ailing heart,
Varicose legs,
Olden heels
And clay bound feet,
All laborious episodes of
A lifetime drama serial.
Opening new ways
Between conscious and subconscious
My mentor,
Even with increasing age
Holds a bundle of dreams
For me, for all
Death's arrow is aiming at him - He knows
But, still inscribing
The lively poem of existence
By camouflaging himself in words
beautiful and strong.
I know, he will live
And live long.

Lalitha iyer 03 August 2009


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Pandian Angelina 03 August 2009

Sameer my friend, I have no words to express. You have paid a wonderful tribute to a Sire and made him proud by this touching gesture. Especially, I think of Naseer, as Zeus sitting on mount Olympus, a poet par excellance, a prophet, a seer, one who can not be contained within words or bound by praise. I had a thirst to meet your father still unquenched, but, you have given us a glimpse of him and we thank you for that. May Allah the benevolent be merciful and lengthen the days of your father for the greater benefit of humanity and especially us his friends at PH. with regards and affestion Angel

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ata khan 03 August 2009

What a beautiful tribute to a father, a great poet and a very beautiful soul. One thing is for sure that Nasser saheb is a also very proud of you, maybe more than, you are of him. I am a father, and i can understand. Keep it up Sameer, always make him smile like a child, and burst into laughter, like you are doing now. Once again, a great poem coming right from the deepest cores of your heart. My love for both of you, 10++++++++++

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Marama Kelly 03 August 2009

Thank you so much for inviting me to read your tribute to your father. It is indeed a wonderful and loving tribute to a man who has inspired you to become the talented person that you are. I have been away from this site for some time now, mainly due to a busy personal life, but when I saw your name in my email account, I just had to see what you had written and am glad I did. It is well written, well expressed, filled with honour, respect and love from a child to a parent. I am sure your father is blessed by you and the wonderful talent he has helped to nurture and establish within you. Thank you again for sharing this blessed tribute with the rest of us and I hope that your journey ahead will continue to bring prosperity of heart, mind and soul intermingled with compassion, wisdom and love to all. Many blessings to you

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Duh Huh 03 August 2009

A fitting loving tribute from a talented man to his talented father. Marama Kelly has said it all, as i am in complete agreement with her comment. Thank you for sharing your talent :)

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This worthless writing is included in the Best Poems of MemberPoets. I don't understand why…

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Victor Kiran 06 November 2009

Its a beautiful poem.u ve described the feelings of a father maticulously.

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Swatimalya Chattopadhyay 23 August 2009

Fantastic.It brought tears in my eyes.Excellently worded, nice metaphors used. While reading looks like an effortless, spontaneous creation.CONGRATS.

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Supriya Prathapan 09 August 2009

A very touching poem, shows how much you love and respect your father. Gr8 use of language.

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Akram Saqib 08 August 2009

'Though a maverick in The herds of social climbers, His deep silence evokes Wise thoughts. A translucent rain Wiping the mist of pain, are the words that depicts cleary your vision about the poet and seer good work et all saqib

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