! The Frog Prince Poem by Linda Ori

! The Frog Prince

Rating: 3.3

As I was walking through the wood
One warm and sunny summer day,
I chanced upon a lovely sight
A swirl of butterflies in flight;

Urged on by curiosity,
I followed down the path they flew
And tumbled through a hidden door
Beneath the leafy woodland floor;

A wondrous sight did then appear
As if by magic to my eyes,
And there within a hollow log
I spied a very princely frog;

Nestled deep within that place
Of musty darkness shone a light,
And there I saw as I did look
A princely frog with poem book;

Lounging in his comfy space
With spectacles perched on his nose,
The frog prince reading unaware
Of being watched as I stood there;

So engrossed within his book,
He did not notice as I sneaked
Behind his chair on velvet feet -
Then all at once our eyes did meet

He dropped the book into his lap,
Complete surprise upon his face -
I turned to run and he did follow
Leaping from his hidden hollow

Swift I ran around the tree
And hiding, waited patiently
And soon he lept upon a rock
And then this frog began to talk;

'My dear, within your book I've read,
Your songs of love and gratitude,
Your tales of woe, of joy and such
I must admit, I like it much! '

But there is one thing I would ask
If I may only be so bold,
Now would you please consider this,
And place upon my lips a kiss?

Well, I believe in fairytales
For heaven knows I've read a few,
And if my memory serves me well,
A little kiss might break the spell;

So, pucker up you ugly frog
Let's get this done while in the mood,
I closed my eyes and then did place
A kiss upon his slimey face;

It wasn't bad, he tasted sweet!
I can't believe I kissed a frog!
My eyes did open then and see
A handsome prince smile back at me!

The prince of poets had been freed,
No longer bound beneath the spell -
And in his freedom I did find
A gentle prince, sincere and kind;

He offered then to mentor me
As poet prince, no longer frog -
And I of course said 'yes' and more...............
That day beneath the woodland floor.

Danny Reynolds 05 July 2007

Read it. Read it, and readit again, till I was Kneedeep in admiration. Danny

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Midnight, yes, you do delight Rhyme and rhythm in th nite Indeed you are... poetic light Pen in hand, an image bright Linda>>>One of Poe's most popular short-stories was titled 'THE TELL TALE HEART.......The Title(not the storyline) reminds me of your story-telling style....Every verse, every story coming right from your Heart! Splendid work, Midnight...Rock-On, lass! FRANK/FjR

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David Harris 04 July 2007

Linda when I saw the title the other day it reminded me a Fun Poem I had written not long ago called Frog Or Is It A Toad. We must have been reading similar fairy stories. Great write as always. Top marks and thanks for sharing it. David

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Herbert Nehrlich1 04 July 2007

Now that's what I call telling it all! Living in a log has its advantages as you can see. The lighting wasn't great but a frog's bulging eyes are very good. I knew, of course, just from reading the book, that there would eventually be that time when a moderate measure of human saliva (it's the ptyalin in it) would free me from the bonds and all earthly responsibilities that any frog worth its Loden colour takes seriously. Well done, in fact the lack of forced rhyming (by not bothering) gives it an interesting musical quality. Best (and thanks) , Herbert (You must, in order not to break the spell, use the second part of the name as well, so it needs to be HERBERT.

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Raveendran . 03 July 2007

As nicely written as a beautiful fairy tale.

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Ivor Hogg 23 January 2008

Lovely recounting of an old tale Linda but I believe you must kiss a lot of frogs before you find yoor prince ivorakapoeticpiers

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Emancipation Planz 05 October 2007

I perchanced by hopping around on no special occasion and leapt backwards to here.. you and HN create amphibian magic complete with tails .. One Peace at a Time - Deana

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Margery Rehman 16 September 2007

One of my favourite fairy tales delightfully retold. How I wish I could meet your mentoring frog. Warm regards, Margery R.

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Alison Cassidy 12 July 2007

Linda this is masterful. Magnificent. Engaging. Enthralling. Wonderful story. Brilliant composition. Impeccable scansion. Effortless rhyming. A quality poem with a magical story. Almost, but not quite, perfect for children. Thanks. love, Allie xxxx

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Not a member No 4 08 July 2007

Ah Linda Ori. Doing just what you do best; rhythmically rhyming storytelling poetry of quality. Like Danny I'm smiling with admiration here! ! Loved this. Another fan. xxx

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