Won'T You Celebrate With Me

won't you celebrate with me
what i have shaped into
a kind of life? i had no model.
born in babylon
both nonwhite and woman
what did i see to be except myself?
i made it up
here on this bridge between
starshine and clay,
my one hand holding tight

Paradigm Shift Law Privilege War Order Improvisation 09 12 2018

Charlotte, NC 28269

Improvisation 09 12 2018

Paradigm Shifts Law Privilege and War Disorder

Willful Destroyers

When has racism not been a factor.
And used as if plaster.
To fill cracks denied but seen,
In an aging foundation.
Beginning to crumble from outdated beliefs.
As thieves of truth and reality,
Use racism to deceive.
To have it believed that a greatness achieved,
Had been accomplished without the deeds,
Of those enslaved.

Emboldened Nuts

Homegrown and destructive.
Young and freshly cracked.
Emboldened nuts.
Groomed and taught,
To seek revenge.
Upon others who have no right,
To diminished their entitlements.
They perceive to believe,
Only to them given.

That Message

A messenger's only obligation,
Is to deliver the message.
Not to explain the contents.
The credibility of the sender.
Or the importance of it sent.

Anyone who receives the message,
Unimpressed how the messenger looks.
Or dresses.
Misses the message.

No One Noticed It Gone

People these days,
Have become poor in values.
To argue who is on the left.
Who is on the right.
Who is liberal, conservative.
Caucasian and nonwhite.
Who is an immigrant.
Who is native born.
Who is rich who is poor.
No one is middle class anymore.

Now You See It

Now you see it.
Or keep pretending you don't.

Whatever had once,
For you represented...
And stood for something.
You refuse to acknowledge,
As a belief you held onto...
With loyalty and faith.

Racist Tea Party

The Tea Party is full
of whites who dislike
those of another race.

It's seldom at a Tea Party
one sees a nonwhite face.

Snow Is White

Snow is white
He was born in a rather narrow-minded town that had
strict rules for acceptable behaviour, no bars, no restaurant
serving alcohol and no public display of affection.
A Muslim scholar who came to this town by navigational
error, left in a hush, claiming the city was too Pakistani
Houses were painted white, or very light-yellow no other
colours were allowed, a rebel, a communist painted his
house red, the law came down hard on him, said his house
was a fire hazard,

Time To Bring This Reality To A Quick And Brutal Ending!

"Covid 19 Airborne"

Infected … Inhalation
or spray … Susceptible
Infected … Expiration
Evaporation … Susceptible
Inhalation … Nose, Mouth, Touch …
Infected … Deposition … Susceptible
Resuspension … Nose, Mouth, Touch …

Celebrate With Me! !

Will you not celebrate with me
what i have contoured into
a kind of life? i had no model.
born in babylon
both nonwhite and woman
what did i see to be except myself?
i made it up
here on this bridge between
gleam and gault,
my one hand holding tight

Trump's Block The Vote

He's willing to openly sabotage the USPS
to block mail in ballots,
so why not go all the way?
Post those anonymous
Homeland Security thugz,
who have been arresting
Portland protesters in the night
without charging them,
at the polls.

Picketing Pigeons

Officious, uniformed, pigeons,
marching up and down
in front of City Hall
make this citizen think,
"Why not draft 'em as meter maids?
No more wages, pensions, overtime, or free medical,
just a bit of birdseed.
What a saver for the
city budget!
They can peck and scratch

Nonwhite Trillion Dollar Money-God Grace... 'need'

07 25 2020 GRACE… ‘need': when to pledge to deposit post-election shares in winners', who will present bills and acts of public political finance and support financed public labor capital gains. ([Facebook decrees ism unavailable before and after elections]. "Woe to them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness… to turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right (the moral) from the poor of our white and nonwhite people…) , who know not wrong or right, to flee. Views of Grace 'need' hide behind Money-God ism symbols.
GRACE… ‘need': supplies nonwhite non-radioactive nuclear ionizing antibody creating (distorted views of earth smaller than a "shooting toy" marble) ; relative to whom a pronoun relates. Relative to sizes of orbiting moons full of maelstrom craters drained through mental tissue attaching great river canyons of nerve disconnects as wide as hallucination opioids of (viral) inorganic ‘kool-ade' ice cones. Eighth grade Eurasian and Nonwhite substitute English teachers dissect politics of congresses of ex-students to find rampant fear and dissolution collusion, when discovering, "when fear was almost tears and almost laughter…", none were but were becoming lost from ratiocinate shares of gifts of strength. Unwilling to hear sounds in language communicated by writing symbols of big words talking to themselves; and, little words in size symbolic of writings and historical readings tied to empiric circles of ancients and elder groups talking to themselves. Talking to yourself makes Money-God irrelevant. Grace ‘need': one need is to shut up. One other ‘need' is to set down; after voting and having pledged donations in pocket, deposited to allocate to share with elected winners when bills and acts passed fully benefit public health, wealth-care, infrastructure and zero sum pension. Light has lest the vision of love and gift of strength, than feel of manufacturing reason by processes of 'need' that shares in ‘thought'; and marvels at 'thought' turning into white ghost thinking short of soul (African Intercontinental Conscience [AIC]) . Grace ‘need'makes her boast in Grace sensibility. Feel it. Thanks Bill Lawson. Why, just Grace each day, today… 07 25 2020…:
Went to the Mecklenburg/Charlotte ‘Public' (benefit) Library this morning,10: 30 AM to borrow books, one of them, borrowed from that library three times, once ordered put on hold, received notice and borrowed again. Today, two ladies blocked entry outside the library doors with notice access limited to an alcove of preselected minimal available reading material to borrow. The request to borrow Thomas Piketty's book, Capitalism In the 21st Century" requested was no longer found listed in the library catalogue collection according to our search by cellphone shared by the two ladies. We did check Amazon and identified the Thomas Piketty book listed available there

Hitch Hike

Grace... up. Hitch hikers
Ninety percent of Eurasian-Americans
And fifty percent of nonwhite Americans
Are outright pathological keepers of secrets
Of principles of white property racism
Values of two tainted trees,
Tainted life; and knowledge.
First they kill white girls, (Toni Morrison) ;
Weight of woman's vision of food in apple trees,
Family of 'jobs', enslavement agreements,

Words In Dialectical Reality, Grace Hundreds

Grace... up. Hitch Grace... up.
Grace meanings appear
In about 600 to 800 words
In dialectical reality
(Lookups in dictionaries) .
Only one reality 'need'
Shows up per person.
Plain 'Grace' worked. Will work again
At least once. Maybe another twice.
Take for granted 'this': two too many

Absolute Joy Hallucinates Xx Original Xx 08 27 2017

Charlotte, NC 28269

Original 08 27 2017

Absolute Joy Hallucinates

Absolute Joy Hallucinates Improvisation 08 28 2017 Xx Original 08 27 2017

Charlotte, NC 28269

Improvisation 08 28 2017
Original 08 27 2017

The White Rumble In The Nonwhite Jungle Improvisation 02 26 2018

Charlotte, NC 28269

Improvisation 02 26 2018
Original 02 23 2018

Nw. Omarosa Nw. Rosa Parks Original 08 24 2018

A xx 08 24 2018 xx NW. Rosa Parks on the Bus xx NW. Omarosa Manigault Freeman in the House xx

GRACE xx Omarosa, you're at peace with grace; relax, let it happen. Define no need for identification with black. Black has its attribution as a gift to fail. No more identifying with Mr. and Mrs. Omarosa Manigault Freeman; Make Amerite Grace again. Taken from a box of white ghost play money and coupons to cover entry to club, interest, and insurance. Grace has a PLACE of geo-positioning location systems; PERSON identified with, THING activated, to presume the noun when the verb of Grace is in the digital algorithm of the place. Feel you, you're not black nor color designated point man to go to war to fail. Seats on the bus are never enough. Omarosa and Rosa stand strong as nonwhite (NW.) . Remembered not as black but Nonwhite (NW.)NW. Rene Lacoste... black need fail as a gift of strength; Nonwhite never fails as a gift of strength... NW. Omarosa Manigault Freeman, put away the Eurasian "Mr. and Mrs." Nonwhite humbly presumes attributes, attitude bedazzle the color... remembered not as black but Nonwhite (NW.) NW. Rene Lacoste... NW. Omarosa Manigault Freeman. Black need fail as a gift of strength; Nonwhite never fails as a gift of strength...