Absolute Joy Hallucinates Xx Original Xx 08 27 2017 Poem by Lee Mack

Absolute Joy Hallucinates Xx Original Xx 08 27 2017

Charlotte, NC 28269

Original 08 27 2017

Absolute Joy Hallucinates

Absolute joy hallucinates a timeless
Belief suspense -a frozen ecstasy
Of numbness to the feel of a desperate
Anesthetic state of weightlessness
And think-less-ness -love has stepped
Aside -dreams promise to never
Write a line of poetry on reason to
Think again - these discerning spiritual
Gifts connect to die -return metaphors
Your body absorbs all the life that
Flows out of realities where we stand
Yours takes the time as musical naturals
Realities of entertainment -starts and
Stops -some momentarily suspends
From reality and stares
She becomes differentiated karma
And aphrodisiac nonwhite Athena

(Lee B. Mack, Absolute Joy Hallucinates, Page 2 of 2)

Incense drape and lace between her
Toes -sight focuses tight upon her
Brest as shutter apertures close in on
Space - her drawn thighs from outer
Folds tighten to muscular pose
Of senses of face opening like shell
Fish let out to absorb wetness of kiss
Take the sight of her for real - relocate
Her to fantasy places where you really
Feel her lift ability of nose to choose to
Smell ambrosia -let her make her song
Take the chorus of instrumental desire
To mixed lyrical language -let her
Record intent meant and as motives
Account and wax deep grooves - spin
Out of control losing thought to risk
Returned to states of dream just short
Of ionizing evaporation of all doubt-
That when we touch love dies with
Dreams alive deep in memories
Take the plow to turn diamonds to
Glitter in light to the groove that
Needles finger to find her love nest
Egging hatchlings to think it tickles.

Sunday, August 27, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: joy
Joy... Aristotle Politics 1st First Edition 1905... James Baldwin
Lee Mack

Lee Mack

Shelbyville Kentucky
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