Sex Without Love

A pleasure we do out of love for the other person
We our sharing the sexual experiment with
When the innocent become the intimate

It’s when that passion of love turns into a hobby
Then into an obsession and then that turns into a have to have
You can’t stop thinking about your next fix
You look for it everywhere in everyone
You start having withdraws from it
You wonder how you got this way

>≫≫I Know What Love Is!

I know what seeing is!
As I saw you that day for the first time
So I know what liking is!

I know what striking is!
As I stroke stone against stone
So I know what the spark is!

I know what rubbing is!
As I rubbed heart against heart

The Abyss Of Drug Addiction

In an errant venture in curiosity -
lured from savvy of cooler judgment,  
he oversteps the bounds of reality 
into a state of altered awareness.

Overwhelmed by a rapid onset of 
a buzzing sensation - The Rush;  
emanating from deep inside him,  
surging along the veins streaming 

~ Monica Leuneske_Y Monologues Zigzag Why? ~

~ Monica Leuneske_y Monologues Zigzag Why? ~

[‘Power is the great aphrodisiac’ ~ Henry Kissinger*]

Ms. Nivedita
18 May,2013


The Testimony Of Light

Our life is a fire dampened, or a fire shut up in stone.
--Jacob Boehme, De Incarnatione Verbi

Outside everything visible and invisible a blazing maple.
Daybreak: a seam at the curve of the world. The trousered legs of the women
They held their arms in front of them like ghosts.

The coal bones of the house clinked in a kimono of smoke.
An attention hovered over the dream where the world had been.

Teddy Bear Freak

I admit, I'm a teddy bear freak,
Some solace I'm trying to seek,
It's become an obsession,
So having done my confession,
I must still have a big childish streak.

There's something about them for sure,
That make's one collect even more,
Each one's so appealing,
Their characters revealing,

Kohinoor...Unlucky Stone

I am black unshaped stone
Simple but famous for quality alone
When cut to size may assume name of diamond
All envy keen interest and passion found

Many may inherit fortune with precious stone
Prosperity may return and poverty gone
It may shadow bad luck and misfortune
Life may go astray with rhythm out of tune


how i wish my fingers were the bristles
or my breath were the wind when it whistles
thru your hair, thru your hair

i wish you'd hold me in your hands
and let me skate thru all the strands
of your hair, of your hair

i could style it anyway you like it
i could brush it straight or even spike it

Leaflets From My Life - Gowri - My Lovely Puppy

Gowri was the name given to her,
Gorgeous white Pomeranian,
Black eyes bright like
Black berries ripe,
A loveable pet,
A welcome addition to my family!

So cute! Like a snow ball!
So adorable that
I could not take my eyes off her!

In Departing Light

My mother all of ninety has to be tied up
in her wheelchair, but still she leans far out of it sideways;
she juts there brokenly,
able to cut
with the sight of her someone who is close. She is hung
like her hanging mouth
in the dignity
of her bleariness, and says that she is
perfectly all right. It is impossible to get her to complain
or to register anything

I Also Rise (Homage To Maya Angelou)

I have been used, abused, mistreated, and even overheated, but still I also rise
I have been denied, compromised, and even ostracized, but yet I still also rise
I have been called outdated, jaded, and mutilated, but here I still also rise
I have been hated, mentally castrated, looted, and even been uprooted, but still I also rise

I have been scorned, adorned, and reborn, but yet I still also rise
I have been beaten up, beaten down, and almost ended up underground but yet I also still rise

' Poetry Is Life '

Poet is a poignant being
thrives with self internalizing
with intellect can communicate
expresses sentiments quite innate

Romance is a poet's gateway
depicts gist to every inspired essay
the lingering urge to inscribe obsession
instinctively drive a poet blazing passion

Lethal Love Letters (Dear Heroin)

Dear Heroin,
My name is Nicole, and I'm writing to you,
Because I've heard of some stories of what you can do
I heard you can stop me from feeling insane.
I heard you have powers,
That can take away all the pain
So I have come knocking
I stand here today
Hello Heroin—please show me the way!


I love you - I love you, e'en as I
Rage at myself for this obsession,
And as I make my shamed confession,
Despairing at your feet I lie.
I know, I know - It ill becomes me,
I am too old, time to be wise ...
But how? ... This love - it overcomes me,
A sickness this in passion's guise.
When you are near I'm filled with sadness,
When far, I yawn, for life's a bore.

A Girl I Once Saw With A Ponytail

The ceaseless tears of this obsession
Drown my face in the lonely night,
It is all the fantasy of imagination,
But I want to encircle your neck with kisses
Like the necklace your grandmother gave you.

I admire your perseverance and dedication,
You go to work and you’re still in school
Pursuing your Masters degree;
You keep Coldplay melodically

.... Full Collection Of Seven Deadly Sins Part 1


Straight from the gutters of hell!
She blows, sweeter than sugar
She burns, flaming desires
Consuming all our emotions
Imitating the wings of love
Exciting and breath taking
Over flowing souls with her passion
Raging with infatuation

Addiction (Yet To Be Rebroken)

What`s more powerful than a child`s disappointment?
It shatters the heart that you have failed them
And that everything they were ever proud of you for
Has died and left them feeling lost
If you can't do something
What's the chances of them breaking an obsession?
Could they do it?
Or would they follow your footsteps and fail as well?
By a child, I meant me
I was so proud of you

To The Winter Burrow

Some fragments of her heart
That was shattered long ago
Swam to the winter burrow
With broken angelic wings

Some sailed a forlorn vessel
Of desires, of wants and needs
A complex obsession that lies
Thumping on adobe of fantasy

When Mirrors Cross Your Eyes

When Mirrors Cross Your Eyes

What has happened to you?
Your hourglass, weightless -
of sand, grain, and Life;
so obvious, your changes,
and the impact, yes,
that it's had on me;
so much so, my dear,

Candy Obsession

I love candy, it's so sweet
Kind of worried about my teeth

Bought a lolli the other day
It was sour, to my dismay

Took it back to the store
Returned it and then bought some more

Sweet, dark creamy Tootsie Rolls